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Digital/Analog conversion!

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  • Digital/Analog conversion!

    Thanks to everybody for the help and advice converting to Digital/Analog.
    The conversion to a Digital/Analog track is done and went better then I ever thought. We just throw 4 switches (could have been 2 switches but the panel of 4 looked cool). Digital is lot’s of fun…..several cars racing, wireless controllers….we so far just run box stock Carrera cars, no mag, silicon tires but just starting to chip Slot it group C. With all the analog cars we all have being able to race them throwing a few switches is made this a great addition.

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    Nice! Those switches are cool, too.

    I'm sure you know, but for everyone else, always have power off when flipping those bad boys.


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      Looks like a cool set up!!!
      Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...


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        Great job!


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          Very clean looking enhancement.
          You now have STD - Slotting Transmitted Disease. Soon you will be chipping all your other favorite cars.
          Those wireless controllers and quick clicking to change lanes and pass a slower car are addictive too


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            What is the length of you track , approximately ?


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              between 130 and 140 ft.


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                Really nice track! Is there a guide somewhere to wiring a track for both digital and Analog.


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                  Originally posted by Tuner28 View Post
                  Really nice track! Is there a guide somewhere to wiring a track for both digital and Analog.
                  Have the same question!

                  Iʻve read the most of the posts about this in the Carrera USA forum, but not sure if the "lane chipping" method (like the Solo Tek-Slot box) is best for me, or a more basic method as this thread appears to show.



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                    There are wiring diagrams at this link.......

                    the switch system works fine on a newer track. My older track has to many weak connections from over the years that the CU didn't like.

                    I currently am running the Tek-Box........made my life easier working with an older Carrera track layout.


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                      If you have analog controllers already, I'd suggest switching between digital and analog as Race1h shows. You can get a single switch to do all 4 rails, as I've done. Just look for a suitably high amperage 4PDT switch. Some of them even have screw terminals so you don't have to solder to the switch.

                      The only reason to chip the lanes, or get a TekSlots, is if you don't have, or want to get, analog controllers, and are happy to use the Carrera Digital controllers, or 3rd party Carrera Digital compatible controllers like RamJet-X or TruSpeed or Frankenslot.

                      The downside to chipping the lanes is that you're limited by the chips as far as what kinds of cars you can put on the track, and the voltage levels the chips need to work properly. You can't turn the volts way down for crazy fast cars, or the chips won't work. You also can't turn the volts way up, as for some HO type cars, because the chips aren't rated for more than 18v. And finally, while the Carrera chips are fairly robust, they can only push out so much power before they'll blow. You'll want to install some fast blow fuses between the chips and the rails, especially if it's at all possible for the car to short the rails, which usually only slows down an analog car, but will blow a digital chip in a heartbeat.


                      • WB2
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                        Will you please explain what “chipping the lanes” means.

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                      Thanks very much for the replies!

                      Iʻm not sure I understand the comments about track polarity.

                      Carrera Exclusiv cars have a direction switch, couldnʻt that be used to match the digital direction?

                      I get that going the opposite direction would be bad because the lane changers are one direction only.



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                        As you say, not a problem for Carrera cars and the (very few) others that include a polarity switch in the car.
                        The vast majority of other analog cars have no such switch, and they are set up to get power in the standard polarity, which Carrera chose to reverse for their digital system.

                        But, that doesn't actually matter. Whether you install pure analog control, or chip the lanes, you can decide what polarity actually goes to the rails, apart from whatever polarity the digital CU is sending to the rails. Just make sure it's whatever polarity is needed for the direction you want the cars to travel in.


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                          One other thing about chipping the lanes and using the digital controllers is that you can still adjust the speed and brake settings [ just like digital] while in analog mode.


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                            I agree with 100% Randy which is why I would never install the switches vs the chipped lanes. I'm not sure what Greg was alluding to with the voltage and the chips. If you're running 1/32 cars set it at 14V and be done with it. Adjust the speed down with the CU. When I had mine track chipped, I kept it at 17V without a problem and I'm running some hot motors.
                            Saginaw Valley Raceway
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                            • MrFlippant
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                              I was forgetting about the fact that you can change the speed in the chip.