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Digital power taps question?

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  • Digital power taps question?

    I am converting my 140' Carrera to digital/analog and will be using a separate pyramid power supply for the digital. The current analog track has several power taps, do I need to change them at all.
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    No, you are good to go. Not sure exactly how yours are connected on the power track end, but best way is to take the power from either the track to the left or right of the CU, not the CU itself. That way the CU can be removed if necessary, without needing to mess with the jumpers.
    You can run from your track connection to a buss bar or run all of the jumpers from the underside of the track immediately adjacent to the CU.
    NEVER have both the CU and the analog power track installed in your layout at the same time, unless you have a switch that COMPLETELY disconnects one while using the other. The CU can be damaged.
    The CU can handle 8a and the older Black Box will take 6a. Not sure of the output of your power supply, but it is a very good idea to install an inline fuse in the positive lead between the PS and CU [ no larger than 7.5] or BB [no larger than 5.5] to absolutely prevent any power surge. Personally I prefer 1a lower than what either the CU or BB is rated for. Even if your PS has a fuse, install the inline fuse. Just a standard automotive fuse available from auto parts stores.
    If you notice a lane changer reacting a little slow, you may need to run a jumper directly to the track before the LC.

    Where guys run into trouble with having to change how jumpers are run, is when switching from digital to analog [opposite of what you are doing].
    Digital is essentially one lane electrically because both lanes are connected together, and receive full power all of the time.
    The digital controller regulates power FROM the track lane through the car chip, unlike the way the power runs through the analog controller TO the lane of the track. At least that is the way I understand it.
    Digital jumpers can be run from the power track to the needed area, and then a short jumper across from lane 1 to lane 2 to save wire. Since this connects both lanes together it definitely will NOT work for analog.
    My track is around 125' and my jumpers are run analog style like yours, so I can still swap the CU for the analog terminal track to run analog cars now and then.
    I hope you enjoy digital. I sure do
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