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Programming the Scorpius controller with the dongle

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  • Programming the Scorpius controller with the dongle

    I've been using the Scorpius wireless controller for quite a while now and when I first got it and tried to program it just using the buttons and dials I discovered I needed to get the dongle. So that I did and successfully programmed 10 power curves using my PC computer and the dongle. Recently my original controller finally broke down so I obtained a new one. I re-downloaded the scorpius software and got out my dongle. When I open the software the window where you set the com port flashes thru 1, 2, 3 continuously and won't select a com port. Of course the portion of the program where one sends new instructions to the controller won't work like it did before. The PC I was using 8 years ago has long since been replaced and also I am now using Win10 instead of XP. The Scorpius web page is all but shut down so I went to Professor Motor and downloaded the Scorpius software that is still available. Does anyone here have a possible solution to my problem. The new controller is useable but has only the default power curve which is different from what I had programmed.

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    so is the computer just not seeing the com port that the dongle is in? i if that is the case trying removing it and trying another port.
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      I tried every USB port on the computer. I also wasn't able to update the software as the printed instructions suggested. The date on the software was 2012.