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    A little ditty,
    As some have heard...Josh and Scott scratch-built some slot cars to send North. It is the Annual Sportsman and Modified Showdown, held at Home Racing World Headquarters in Dixon, Missouri. The race is ran on a wood 16’x5’ oval. We were both rookies going into this race, and just hoped for the best. One good thing in our favor was we were able to put together a Carrera oval about the same size as the track the race took place on. That helped to get the cars dialed in as best as we could. Thanks to Josh, Dennis, Jeff for their contributions to make that happen, Mucho Garcia!
    Okay, now for the skinny!
    Sportsman's Class-23 cars
    Modified Class- 14 cars
    They started out with a shakedown/qualifier of all cars.
    In the Sportsman’s Class, Josh’s ‘65 GTO proved to be a contender coming in 8th, whoop! Scott’s ‘70 WarBird and ‘69 GTO didn’t fair as well, qualifying at 13th & 18th respectively.
    In the Modifieds, Scott’s ‘34 Ford came to play, 3rd in the qualifying, heck yeah!
    Raceday proved to be a whole different animal!
    Modifieds brought out some fantastic builds and quick cars.
    Scott’s ‘34 Ford couldn’t hold on from qualifying and finished 5th overall. Not a bad showing for a first timer car on a track that it had never seen before! Very pleased!
    Onto the Sportsman’s. This class is highly competitive as well, with some outstanding cars entered. After the dust and dirt settled, Josh’s 65’er placed 4th, Way to go Josh!!
    Scott’s 69 Goat finished down the pack at 14th.
    But here’s the ‘what the heck’ just happened moment!
    Received a call from Harry Wise(HRW) yesterday evening to inform us that Mr. Tall-Feathers, aka Scott’s ‘70 WarBird had taken the trophy and had set a new track record!
    Just how could a car that looks like it was thrown out in the parking lot and run over numerous times with a skid-loader win such a coveted title? Still shaking my head!
    Crazy, pure craziness!
    So, would like to say. We had a great time learning/building these cars. And are pickle pleased they did so well against some very seasoned builders. Hopefully some of you that have taken the time to read this, and have followed the exploits...and will consider building some cars from the ground up. Very satisfying!
    Here is a link to a plethora of videos of the event. Have fun, stay in the slot!

    Click image for larger version

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    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA