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    Fly and Whatever else Race Results
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Name:	88A54A4B-06DD-496C-A798-53890EDB8EC5.jpeg
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Name:	D97E0671-D769-45DE-A824-E717B89C1C15.jpeg
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Name:	41366C4B-52C8-4FED-B578-9A142AB5E932.jpeg
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Name:	820E6FEE-5192-4D59-8EA2-B5FBCD19830E.jpeg
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Name:	F9AA3C26-F0B3-4556-A341-E7328EB8D48A.jpeg
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Name:	B01E5736-6FCF-4C65-B4DA-AF7BFA9CA88C.jpeg
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Name:	D7939873-F24F-42DD-AB58-C1FFF8CB7E89.jpeg
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Name:	73FED98F-C2C5-463B-99CD-DE7BC1983BED.jpeg
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Name:	384ACD5B-838D-44C4-A93D-68C2EEEF7536.jpeg
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Name:	9076C3D0-D2A1-4A68-88FC-390AF2B178C0.jpeg
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Name:	FC81E046-03E7-4A5B-B117-E30E40A98CE4.jpeg
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Name:	52F2EABE-0FCB-4F4C-B88D-439F5D8A722D.jpeg
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Name:	449058BD-E558-4E55-9B0B-8C0755A481CB.jpeg
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Name:	DFE3EF25-E4CE-4883-9300-BBD2B82A1DF6.jpeg
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Name:	B5190875-6F08-4A0D-9845-2A5EBE714D27.jpeg
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ID:	24527
    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA

  • #2
    Looks like some good racing there. Fly cars are a worthwhile investment despite the initial problems often encountered. And this is from a guy who swore on HRW he would NEVER buy another Fly car after the first few I bought wouldn't even run out of the box.

    I love that blue #11 Sunoco sponsored car. Thought it was a Lola T70 at first but now think it must be a Ferrari 512. Never saw one that color before.

    When you post results could you add which car finished where? As a spectator that's what I can most relate to.

    Love your track, but am heartsick at all that foliage in the background. Haven't seen anything green out my windows since October, and it will be 2 months more before it returns. Never thought seeing green leaves would have the same effect on me as seeing a beautiful woman in my younger days,


    • #3
      Slothead. It is for certain a Sunoco Ferrari 512 Coda Lunga. Not many of that livery around. The podium pic shows the top 3. Used to include the entire field in the results. With your suggestion, we may start doing that again. Really don’t have to do a lot to ‘most’ Fly cars. The Sunoco 512 has stock wheels, stock spur gear and rear axle. Installed solid front axle. Just trued the wheels, front and rear, installed a SlotingPlus guide, put on a set of QS CB47F rear tires, set of NSR Zero grips front. A bit of weight to match my driving ability and style, and away she went! And as an added treat, a 13t pinion. Great cars these Fly models are, my favorites.
      Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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        Maybe you could abbreviate 'Position' as 'Pos.' or use 'Finish' so the first column is smaller and then add a column for 'car# & make" and put that info in it (#11 Ferrari 512) for each car so you record that too.

        It's really all about the cars for me at this level. In roundy round short track or NASCAR racing it's about the driver because the cars are cookie cutter look-a-likes.