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    For a look at our history, tracks and rules look here:

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    We have made a couple of changes in our rules. The tires on our Carrera cars can now be glued. For our Classic Prototype class NSR Shark 20 motors may now be used.


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      Recently Wayne's World had flooding problems, so a drain system system will need to be installed. After yesterday's race we moved the track to make room for the work, which is expected to start early next month.


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        After the drain system was completed we moved the track back to its normal location and did our weekly club race. We were expecting to do the first Ford VS Ferrari proxy race and we do have the cars but all racing has been suspended for now.


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          I really like your race banner. This will be a nice template for making one for my Le Mans series featuring Ford, Ferrari, Porsche, Lola, and Chaparral cars.

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        nice graphics Dr.D
        bill ,framingham ma


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          The last time we were able to race was March 4th. We are expecting to resume racing using strict guidelines on May 20th. Here is what has been proposed.

          Valley Brook Opening

          If NASCAR can do it we can do it!

          Valley Brook will reopen next Wednesday May 20th. Cars will be provided. Just bring your controller & mask. No boxes.

          In light of the current COVID situation the following procedures will be used to minimize our risks to exposure:
          • Entry/Exit through basement outside entrance.
          • Masks and social distancing required.
          • Cars provided, all races will be IROC style.
          • Classes will be sports cars (Scaleauto & NSR GTLMs w/ 20k motors) & Porsche Cup (Revos). Racers bring their controllers only, no boxes.
          • Two racers at a time on track (empty lane between racers). Straight rotation with every other driver blank. Plexiglass screen between lanes 2&3.
          • Racers don’t touch cars. Cars assigned to lanes and will be resloted and moved by race director only.
          • Racers not driving will be seated at assigned tables 6’ apart.
          • Assorted snack packs, bottled water and coke will be provided.
          • Masks not required when seated at table or racing on track.
          • Hand sanitizer will be available.

          SCCA’s Track Day Notice to Participants:
          Ultimately, it is your responsibility to assess the risk to you, both on-track and off, and to make the decision on whether or not to participate. If you are feeling unwell or are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath please stay home. If you have been in contact with someone who has been experiencing these symptoms in the last two weeks, please stay home.
          While on site please take the health and safety of your fellow participants, volunteers and staff into consideration and practice social distancing, wear a mask, and wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer frequently.


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            The race was moved back one day so people could watch the NASCAR Cup race on Wednesday night.
            We resumed racing at Valley Brook Thursday night. Bob Bradley ran the races, but did not race himself. Ray, Wayne and I ran in three IROC style races. The first two races were in Championship mode and the final race used regular timed heats. We started with Sports Cars, mostly NSRs with 20K Scalextric type motors. Only Bob touched the cars. The usual start line was not used because Bob could not reach it, a starting point near the computer was used instead. Cars that crashed were brought back to the start line and the driver got docked a lap. There were only two cars on the track at a time and there was always an empty lane between them. All of that minimized the number of crashes so the races went quickly.
            The second race was for the RevoSlot Porsches. The third race used the Porsches again, this time with regular timed heats.
            Things went smoothly and I believe safely. Bob can accommodate as many as five racers and still maintain social distancing.
            We are expecting to do another race next Thursday and we are hoping to get the TransAm and Racer DP IROC club cars.


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              We decided to skip a week and do the next race on Wednesday June 3rd. Here is the revised protocol.

              SMR COVID-19 Race Protocols

              While attending the event please take the health and safety of your fellow racers into consideration by following all of the following procedures. If you are not feeling well or you think you may have been exposed to someone with the virus in the last two weeks please stay home.
              • Entry/Exit through basement outside entrance.
              • Temperature will be taken at entry.
              • Masks and social distancing required at all times.
              • Racers bring their controllers only, no boxes.
              • Cars provided, all races will be IROC style
              • Racers don’t touch cars Cars assigned to lanes and will be reslotted and rotated by race director only.
              • Two racers at a time on track (empty lane between racers). Straight rotation with every other driver blank. Plexiglass screen between lanes 2&3.
              • Racers not driving will be seated at assigned stations 6’ apart.
              • Bottled water and coke will be available.
              • Masks are required at all times except when drinking at assigned station.
              • Hand sanitizer will be available.


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                Very well thought out...

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              We did a race last night at the Manure Pile oval. The track is located in a corner with walls on the back and at one end. There is a room divider at the other end. There are three driver's stations at the front of the track and one at the end with the room divider. The corner marshal has to sit in the infield. For last nights race tables were placed at the front of the track to keep the drivers further away from the marshal. Only three lanes were used, the inside lane is red, the next lane is white and that was not used. There was a partition and some chairs placed to keep the driver at the red station and the next lane that was used, which is blue, apart. The outside lane is yellow with the driver on the other side of the room divider, so everyone was far enough apart. We had six people, but the track owner was the marshal and did not race. The racers had assigned chairs that were spaced apart and the racers that were sitting out had to remain in their chairs. Everyone wore masks and washed their hands before the racing started. The races were run IROC style and only the marshal touched the cars. The first race was for generic Scalextric open wheel cars. the second race was for the club Racer DP cars and the third race was for Rally cars towing trailers.
              On July 1st we will do our next race at Wayne's World, we hope to use all four lanes and have a limit of six racers with everyone wearing masks and gloves..
              We have a DaVols Cup proxy race coming up at Ivoryton Raceway. Face shields are on order so we can use four lanes without having to install barriers.

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              The racing was great, with barriers between the driver's stations we were able to use all four lanes at Wayne's World.
              Me, Ray and Bob have signed up to qualify the DaVols Cup cars on Friday morning. We are hoping to do the race on July 8th, there are 25 cars.


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                Here we are at Ivoryton Raceway doing a DaVols Cup proxy race on July 8th. Instead of having barriers between the driver's stations the drivers wore both masks and face shields.



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                  Celebrating IMSA’s return to racing, Valley Brook will host its own IMSA sprint race. IROC style with 2 min 40 sec heats using DPs (Mike’s Racer Sideways) and GTLMs (NSR GTs).

                  COVID Procedures have been updated requiring masks and face shields while racing. This will allow four racers at a time.

                  Remember just bring your controller, mask and shield. I have new shields available if you don’t have one. Leave your boxes at home. Hand sanitizer will be available at entry and when you enter the track at lane 1.

                  IMSA style IROC
                  DPs in lanes 1 & 2 (Racer Sideways)
                  GTLMs in lanes 3 & 4 (NSR GTLMs)
                  2 minute 40 second heats
                  Straight rotation
                  End of each heat will be full course yellow to allow racers to return cars to pits for tire cleaning by race director. Start line for each heat will be at pits near monitor. Think of each heat as a stage in NASCAR.
                  Track calls will be reslotted at pits by race director with a 1 lap penalty
                  Racers touch controller only & must wear mask & face shield while racing.


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                    For the IMSA Sprint race there were Racer DP cars in lanes 1 and 2, a NSR Porsche in lane 3 and a Carrera in lane 4.
                    There was a bonus IROC race for RevoSlot Porsches as well.


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                      GREAT work with your safety protocols ! Are all these tracks located in/near the same town ? How many members in your group ? STAY SAFE. And......Thanks !


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                        bobbyraz, We have about 10 to12 racers, Right now we have about 6 racing. The tracks are with in 20 miles of each other. The Lee Marquardt Speedway and the Ivoryton Raceway are mine. I have both in my garage. Take Care and Be Safe.
                        Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
                        Connecticut, U.S.A.