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6 Hour Slot It Group C Enduro with lights.

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  • 6 Hour Slot It Group C Enduro with lights.

    Initial thoughts are qualifying, form teams, select a car, and then race. Format is three hours in the daylight then break for a sumptuous BBQ then back to the track for three hours in the dark.

    Details to come.

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    I have nothing at all to do with this event, but here are 2 quick thoughts. Day light is longer in the northern hemisphere now (16 hrs to 8 hrs today in Maine). So maybe 2 hrs in light, followed by 2 hrs of dark, and end with final 2 hrs of light. Other thought is I'd fall asleep after a sumptuous BBQ. If there were shorter segments and 2 breaks I could do with snacks during breaks and BBQ at the end.

    As per usual, these thoughts are worth what they cost.


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      I used to participate in a 2.4 hour Group C enduro. We used 4 rounds - first round in "daylight", second round in "dusk", third round in "darkness" and last round in daylight again. We ran right through then had dinner, but that was 2.4 hours versus 6 hours.


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        Thanks for the thoughts, gents. We could also start with the lights off, eat, then run the final part under the lights - I'm sure I'll get push back on the duration (we just finished a 3 hour enduro), this is all very fluid and it more than likely will be held in the late summer.


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          As a kid I did a solo 6 hour enduro once during which I got yelled at for being late for dinner and fried my hand on a scorching hot Strombecker controller.

          How did the 3 hour enduro go? When it was over was anyone ready for more racing?

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        Well, another enduro in the books. We cut it down to four total plus the BBQ. Next time(?) we'll do the night segment first then the daylight.

        Thanks to all that participated and contributed to an epic day at Jim's wooden wonder of a track. Congrats to the winning team of Dave M, Robert, and Jim (over 2000 laps!). Second went to the team of Jerry, Parker, and Dave (Harry's son). Third was me, John O, and Harry (welcome to a trial by fire, Harry!). Unusually for Slot.Its, we had slight car issues. but no doubt the builder's faults and not an indication of the quality of the brand. Jerry's team had an issue with a stripped pinion that cost them quite a few laps (fixed by another team, mind you... ) and our team's car (my Porsche) was, well, slightly disappointing - it turns out a rear tire had a high spot all around on the inside of the right rear, which gave the car a tiny contract patch which in turn made right-hand corners quite sketchy and acceleration problematic for the same reason - not evident in the testing prior to the start of the race. The RMSCC BBQ was a resounding success with Chef Muramoto manning the grill with everyone eventually going back downstairs to the two hours in the dark. Just before we started the night portion, we had no lights (Dave M graciously loaned us his Nissan and we eventually soldiered on to third [DFL...]. Jerry's team having made up their lap deficit) which upon examination at home showed it was plugged in backwards. I had wired the leads of the motor wrong way back when and instead of red to red, it was red to black which I forgot when I had the car apart mid race and did red to red.