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    DRAWW is getting back to racing after the summer months off. Maybe some day we'll continue through the summer. ;-)

    For now, we're starting with a race at my track, Rainier Raceways, on Sunday, November 17th. Be here as early as 2pm, and we'll race our Group C cars, or whatever else we feel like racing until 6pm. Snacks and drinks provided, loaner cars and controllers available if anyone would like to come for the first time and doesn't already have their own stuff. This will be Scalextric Digital racing, but the track can be put in analog or oXigen mode for testing of cars for those who don't have a home track, or just to show off a cool car.

    If you don't know where my track is, send me a PM and I'll get you that information.
    Find out more about our club here:

    See ya!


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    Next race is Sunday, December 8th, at Major Magless' track in Samammish, WA (USA). Be there after 2pm and we'll race until we're done, no later than 6pm. Beverages and snacks will be available, as will loaner cars and controllers for anyone who would like to try digital racing (with SSD) for the first time... or even if you're coming back and just don't have your own stuff. Point is, don't let material things stop you from coming. That said, if you have a Group C car, put an SSD chip in it, pull the magnet(s) out, and put on some N22 tires on the back, and come race! If you don't know the location of this venue, please PM me for details and we'll make sure you know how to get there.


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      good to see you all still running.mmmmm maybe a road trip is in order.....
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        Originally posted by docdoom View Post
        good to see you all still running.mmmmm maybe a road trip is in order.....
        You know you're always welcome.