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Cornerstone Raceway (South Grafton, MA)

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  • Cornerstone Raceway (South Grafton, MA)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	BB2F079D-8E67-4B69-8DE3-61F07C710325.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.21 MB ID:	21982City: South Grafton

    HRW User Name contact: mether05

    Track/Club Name: Cornerstone Raceway/NERF
    Type (Home, Club, Commercial): Home, Club
    Surface (Wood, Plastic): Wood
    Brand (if Plastic): xxx
    # of Lanes: 4
    Track Voltage: 10V (Pyramid PS26KX variable supply)
    Polarity (Positive, Negative): Positive
    Hookup(s): 3 post (alligator clips), XLR

    Brief Description: 4 lanes, from 78’ - 84’, copper tape, Race Coordinator Race management software. Built in 2005, Cornerstone has been host to many Proxy series over the years.

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    Great looking layout. You wood guys are making me wish for a bigger house. Either that or I'll have to take my 12 by 6 table out and run a layout around the walls of what was the pool table area. Current table sits over the pool table.
    Arrold Martin
    Nashville TN


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      What are your track records for different classes ?
      The Jester

      Soxside (Chicago)


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        The track foot print is 7' x 20'
        That's track records is a great question! DISCLAIMER: Times are estimates, best I can remember! If more detail is needed let me know! We don't truly record class track records, seriously, I don't know why!?!?
        Currently the MRRC Toyota GT One holds the lap record at ~ 6.8 seconds.
        The Group C with Piranha motors, the Scaley NASCAR with black stripe motor (12/34) and the Revo Slot GT's (stock gearing) are in the 7.4 - 7.7 second range.
        The Fly Le Mans (11/36) with black stripe motor 7.7 seconds.
        Super GT (11/36) with black stripe motor 7.7 seconds.
        Trans AM (Scaley 11/36 w/light weight interior) with black stripe motor and Pioneer (12/36 w/full interior) 7.7 to 8.0 second range.
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