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    ** IMPORTANT ** Please read the following carefully!


    Welcome to the HRW Forum Track/Club Locator. The Track/Club Locator is designed with a couple of goals in mind:

    1) To help slot car racers in a given area "find" one another

    2) To help slot car racers who might be traveling to find clubs/tracks they might be able to visit during their trip.

    3) To help slot car racers designing and building a track see examples of other tracks and provide a contact to follow-up with if desired.

    When using the Track/Club Locator, please follow the instructions below.


    1) Copy the template below to your computer's clipboard.

    *** IMPORTANT ***
    To reduce the possibility of Spam, please DO NOT post your telephone number or email address here. Instead, provide a contact’s HRW user name where a personal message (PM) can be sent to obtain more information about your track or club.

    *** Template begins on next line (Do not copy this line) ***

    City: xxx

    HRW User Name contact: xxx
    Track/Club Name: xxx
    Type (Home, Club, Commercial): xxx
    Surface (Wood, Plastic): xxx
    Brand (if Plastic): xxx
    # of Lanes: xxx
    Track Voltage: xxx
    Polarity (Positive, Negative): xxx
    Hookup(s): xxx

    Brief Description: xxx

    Optional: Attach track photo(s)

    *** End of Template (Do not copy this line) ***

    2) The Track/Club Locator is organized by Country and in some cases is further sub-divided into states or provinces. Find the sub-forum that corresponds to your location and create a "New Topic".

    3) Paste the template on your computer's clipboard (see step 1 above) into your new topic and complete all relevant information. Please do not deviate from the template format.

    4) Save your topic. Your club/track information can now be viewed by other HRW Forum members and visitors.
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    Steve - Connecticut, USA - Team HRW

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    Here is a video tutorial.

    Steve - Connecticut, USA - Team HRW