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  • PC unit - alternates

    I didn't buy the PC unit - retail price at my location was around $USD 100 at the time I was looking for one.

    Bruce Yingling alerted me to the Professor Motor shop where there was an alternate available for $USD 45.

    As an electronic technician by trade (and also because postage would have been a killer to my location) I chose to build my own.

    I bought an FTDI USB to serial interface which turned out to be useless as it was a counterfeit. Even with older drivers that usually work on the counterfeit devices it still did not work.

    I was then lucky enough to find an old USB to RS232 interface in the bin at work. So I bought an RS232 to TTL level adaptor from the bay for less than $5 posted. Coupled to an old PS2 cable I then had a compatible, working, reliable PC unit cable for my Carrera CU.

    Does anyone want to see the pinouts, wiring etc. If you can get hold of an old, working USB to RS232 cable it is a very cheap way to get connected to HSSRMS and probably other RMS's.

    Risk is that if you attempt this but do not know what you are doing, it is very easy to kill your CU's power section since the 14.5V voltage rail and the system GND are directly opposite each other on the PS2 style connector.

    Would sharing the information here be in the interests of the group?