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S.O.S. - 2 Burned out motors and one Smoking digital chip

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  • S.O.S. - 2 Burned out motors and one Smoking digital chip

    Today I tried to code a DTM I haven't raced in a while. While trying to code it with a Carrera wireless controller and using the CU, it beeped and then the lights on the CU started blinking and then the smell of something burning from the car.

    After that, everything was fine and I did a 75 lap race with zero problems.

    Tonight I tried to code a different car using the CU and the same thing happened: flashing lights, smoking smell, and then smoke coming from the digital chip as my variable power supply which is set at 6 amps and 16.4 volts normally was showing 6.4 amps and 6.6 volts.

    Here is a link to a video:

    The variable power supply is a Volteq HY3010D and is only a few months old.I've recently installed lane gates from DRS and installed seven power taps on my D132 track.

    I checked each lane gate as per the instructions before installing and all seven are working fine. I checked each power tap after wiring and before installing the next power tap. Things have been fine for the last couple of days up until today.

    Any and all help is appreciated.