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  • Track layouts! - Mostly Carrera

    Anyone interested in a thread on (Carrera) layout designs? I used to enjoy looking at the different layout designs published on SCI even though I was not a member. I have heaps of designs for small spaces (because that is the main limitation that I have) and started publishing some on another forum, but no one seemed interested so I stopped.

    The designs I do are based on my limited experience trying different things and of course I try to implement flow and equal lane length, although the latter is not always the main concern for digital though there will always be arguments about that. (I have witnessed some great racing on layouts that were not of equal lane length btw)

    What would work here though?

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    I think it would be great. I remember someone over on SCI who always posted killer track designs for those who asked. He was very good at it. What ever happen to SCI have they ever came back. Thanks


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      Maybe you are talking about "thatoneguy" ? I was not a member of SCI but I noticed his designs and they were always great, he always managed to find a way to meet the requirements of the person that was asking for help.

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    I always enjoy looking at track layouts. Please post some when you get a chance.
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      Here is a design that is very close to my current layout. Its about 11' by 4 1/2' which is the space limitation I have at the moment. Equal lane length. Approx 36' lap length. I absolutely love this layout. Was thinking it could do with a slightly longer straight, but once my tyres were trued properly (by machine) I was suddenly getting decent speed up (love the sound of a slot car winding out!) Lap record is around 4.1 seconds (analog Sideways Hurracan, no mag but motor magnets do provide a small amount of downforce)

      Considering changing it up a bit when I get time.

      Edit: Its 11' not 9 1/2'

      Click image for larger version  Name:	ACurrent.png Views:	27 Size:	90.5 KB ID:	7902
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      • 32lbking
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        One of the nicer designs for that size of space that I have seen. Has a lot going on, but not too much. Looks like a fun drive.

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      I like this layout. I assume its a Carrera track? Yes I agree a longer straight with perhaps a lane change at the end would make things interesting. I may use this as a basis for my next layout . Cheers


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        Hi, yes, Carrera. You could try putting an XLC (double lane changer) at the end of the straight, but I wonder about the power interruptions right where you want consistent braking. Never know, it might not be an issue. I also tried making the whole thing longer at one stage but would need to make changes to the table to make a permanent change. Its all R1 and R2 which was easier to find locally than the larger radius, however, I would love to incorporate some larger radius at some stage.
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      Any concern about deslots under the back straight?


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        Hi slothead, deslots not a problem at the back because its easily reached from the driving position in front of the CU. I designed it to the maximum width before reaching deslotted cars would become a problem. The overhead perspective makes it look worse than it is for that. I didn't want to use a grabber. I am about 6' so shorter folk might have to stretch out a bit! The only annoying spot to replace cars is under the intersection of the XLC and the R2 loop just a bit to the right of the CU.
        It is probably more suited to two or three cars at a time, because of this. For more cars in a compact layout I would probably do a completely flat design. Will post an example of what I mean later.
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      Here is one I considered which would probably be able to support x4 1/32 cars in the space, it was inspired by a much larger layout owned by Kiwan, but I downsized it to fit in the available space. If I was racing against others more often I would probably try it, but I'm still enjoying the layout above for now. It only has two left hand turns which means more tyre truing for even tyre wear so that was the other consideration. Again, its all R1 and R2 because that is all I have at the moment. Obviously its a bit on the small side and most people with permanent layouts would be running something bigger.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	FlatDigi.png
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Size:	112.0 KB
ID:	8160

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        Cool. Thanks for posting


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          Here is my current track, designed by That1Guy over on SCI. It is built on 80" doors and is 20' long.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	mycurrenttrack.jpg
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Size:	542.5 KB
ID:	7978
          Jamie B
          Cincinnati, Ohio


          • 32lbking
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            I love this track. Has nice flow, and I am a big fan of increasing/decreasing radius turns, and mixed curve complexes.

          • JamieB
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            Thanks for the complements. It is a permanent track. I tried the hollow core doors because I hoped it would stay light enough to store against a wall when not in use. It still was too heavy, and on top of that not very sturdy. If I could do it over again I would build it on a plywood setup.

          • Cincyslots
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            that looks familiar!!

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          Hi all

          I used this fairly simple Artin 4 Lane layout as a guide for my old 4 lane Aurora 1/32 track layout. It worked wonderfully, especially the two center lanes. The 1965 Aurora track is quite a bit wider than the Artin track but overall it looked very similar when completed. This layout has two nice straights, an overpass and all of the turns are a bit different and proved to be a wonderful test track for me when I returned to the hobby some 18-20 yrs ago. I added a single lane pit run off section you can see in the photo and completed the layout with some scenery and a refurbished Scaley Control Tower. As smooth as this track was with the foam gasket under most of it, sometimes I miss the clickitty clack of an old plastic track.


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            I seem to have lost the Artin photo in my reply, here it is.


            • Slotspeed
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              Looks like a nice classic looking slot car track, reminds me of the layout style in the Scalextric suggested layouts book from the 60's or 70's. Might have been "101 circuits" Looks like Artin has similar track size ratio to Carrera so I wonder if it could be recreated in Carrera (original intention of the post, I should have been a bit clearer I think) Thanks for contributing, any thoughtful layout is inspiration!
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            Here's mine, J&E Raceway, it seems like a lot of tracks use this basic design. Lane one is 59', lane two is 62', the table is 16' x 6' 6 inches.
            It's all lit and has a midway with a working 1/32 scale Ferris wheel I built from scratch. I couldn't find a Ferris wheel anywhere that was to scale or wasn't a building toy so I had no choice.
            The fastest I've gone is just below five seconds with the yellow C7.R Corvette, I know I can go faster but I'm goofing around with scenery all the time.
            The track rises to the back left corner (about 7 inches) then goes gradually down to mid level (about 5 inches) then to table level in the front then across and back up (4 inches) at the far right then back down to the main straight. There is a left lane change below the larger pit exit but the track designer program won't show it. I combined the two tracks for the room and to get it away from the pit entrance to keep from accidentally going in the pits at speed, it's carnage when it does happen ( I put a piece of electrical tape over the sensor when amateurs are racing ) . I also have a chicane exit at the beginning of the straight for the service trucks ( grandkids love them) and to park the pace car, have it isolated and switched so the pace car comes out when I turn it on, the pace car parks in the first pit, the reason for the lane change just before it. I made the track with no borders so the kids and the less experienced can get around it without too much trouble.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_mytrack_november.jpg Views:	0 Size:	222.5 KB ID:	8085

            Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_img_1931.jpg Views:	0 Size:	521.9 KB ID:	8083

            Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_1rsz_img_1930.jpg Views:	0 Size:	513.4 KB ID:	8084

            Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_img_1935.jpg Views:	0 Size:	472.0 KB ID:	8086
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              Here's my home away from home track - tucked along 3 sides of the basement 99 ft ....longest reach across to marshall is 3 ft
              ​​​​​​​ Click image for larger version

Name:	RIR East Track Plan_1.jpg
Views:	13851
Size:	605.9 KB
ID:	8089Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-10-15 00.12.29.jpg
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Size:	6.44 MB
ID:	8090Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-10-15 00.12.36.jpg
Views:	9710
Size:	6.88 MB
ID:	8091Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-10-15 00.12.39.jpg
Views:	9950
Size:	6.87 MB
ID:	8092Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-10-15 00.12.34.jpg
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ID:	8093Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-10-15 00.12.32.jpg
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Name:	2019-10-15 00.22.58.jpg
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Size:	6.14 MB
ID:	8095
              Ed Magner
              Portage, MI


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                Hi, I'm new to this site as it appears the SCI site is down or in transition. I'm looking to build a 4-lane Carrera track having come from a 4-lane Scalextric track and a four-lane routed track (both of about 110' length). Wondering whether to go digital or what I'm used to--analog with the Pyramid power supply and Slot Car Corner driver stations. Wondering if I go digital, how do I distribute power evenly around a track that long? Regarding track designs, I once had a software package called Tracker 2000 that is no longer available or supported, but it was fantastic at helping design tracks with various track brands. Looking forward to spending time here and learning lots more!


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                  Digital or analog? do the switch box deal for digital to analog and you'll have the best of both worlds, it's in the sticky section. I'm thinking about making the box myself, you can buy them too, looks easy enough if you can solder and follow instructions..
                  I use the Autorennbahnplaner track planning software for Carrera, I like it. I had tracker 2000 long ago too, for routed tracks I don't know.

                • dw5555
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                  Twisty your not gonna make your analog buddies very happy going from analog to digital. Most analog racers hate digital. The new switch box is the answer though so you can run both analog and digital.

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                Click image for larger version

Name:	CC13433C-3AAC-48A0-AC5D-35679EAD2B76.jpeg
Views:	10202
Size:	42.7 KB
ID:	8789
                Our second track and first on the table. Also taken from that1guy on SCI. Our first track was all R1 curves and challenging at times to drive. We wanted something with more flow.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	16DA3448-C49E-488C-B515-D3F0EECCDE94.png
Views:	9340
Size:	1.17 MB
ID:	8796

                Our table is 16 x 6 and will expand to 20 x 6 this year.

                Here are our planned changes for this winter.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	C78BFB49-0F52-4BED-858E-867B7D7E908A.jpeg
Views:	9476
Size:	44.9 KB
ID:	8797

                1. Straighten out this middle straight.

                2. Move the S curve in this straight to the left end.

                3. The first two changes will give us room to add a double lane pit to this straight. I have a Pro-X lane changer to rob the electronics from for the automatic lane sequencing for the two lane pit.

                4. Add a pace car pit to the long straight.

                5. Move the start finish to the end of the long straight. We will also turn the track 180 degrees on the table to make the long straight the front straight and put the double pit lane on th back straight.

                We will add 2-3 straight sections to each straight away. This will let our pit lane be longer and give is adequate transition for a banked 180 on the left. We’ll have four double lane changes and borders on the entire track. One the layout is finalized and tested, we’ll paint it.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	A2E50701-C9D1-4719-BA3B-89D75A700A42.jpeg
Views:	10173
Size:	43.3 KB
ID:	8800

                We’ll aslo have the option to close close in the yellow section and run an oval. The asymmetric turn 4 should give it some character. Actually, when we flip the track on the table, that will be turn 2.

                any suggestions and comments are welcome.


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                  I like your layout Bruce, it looks fast. Your pitlane upgrade and track mods seem well considered. One thing though is that ovals turning to the right... you ready for that? In Australia we had oval racing for a while that turned right (AUSCAR) because our street cars are RHD. We didn't have much actual NASCAR racing, just a feature every now and then.
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