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Head lights on Digital cars

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  • Head lights on Digital cars

    I just recently purchased the GT Triple Power Digital set and put it up this past weekend. One of the cars (the Porsche) had the headlights stop working within a couple of laps, tail lights work fine but not headlights. I've checked the connections and don't see any loose connections or problems with the solder points. Also on another car (the Lambo) one of the headlights are out, again connections and solder points look fine.

    What else would cause this issue?

    Would this be covered by warranty?


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    Is this John???? To answer your last question 1st, yes it is a warranty item. Carrera Usa is great about exchanges but you have to pay for shipping there. They WILL NOT replace the parts. Without going thru a lot of trial and error just try plugging in the Porsche headlights into the Lambo and see if they work. That will at least tell you if the light board or the chip. I"m not sure on the 1/32 cars if they still have 2 headlight connectors or not. IF they do try plugging it into the other connector. Let us know and we can go from there.
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      Dave, yes this is John. Thanks for the tips. It turns out it must be lighting boards because I tried different chips and the lights still did not work. Now I've got to contact customer service.