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    I haven't posted them here directly, because I don't have the copyright ownership of these reverse - constructed schematics. But you can find many of them here, for someone like myself who loves to tinker, break and fix (yep, often in that order) they are very valuable. Also for me they are a reference for any changes or additions I may consider making, or just curiosity about how things work. The link is in German and you will need to make a forum membership application to access them. But worth it if you are interested in these schematics.

    Just a note, the pitlane adaptor is referred to as PSL and the Lane Changers are referred to in German as Weiche which translates as switch (noun) or points (like railway points) but often translates as soft. Missing is the DLC but I think the DLC is just Weiche (x2)


    Hope this is useful information and not too difficult to access.
    Hallo zusammen, um die Übersicht zu wahren, stelle ich hier ausschließlich Schaltpläne vor. Vorerst betrifft das die Carrera-Komponenten. Hier sollen diese diskutiert und nach Möglichkeit verstanden werden, um darauf eigene Projekte aufzubauen oder…