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USB Track Call Button /Beacon for HSSRMS

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  • USB Track Call Button /Beacon for HSSRMS

    This thread will document the build of a USB button aka The "BIG RED Button" that can plug into the PC for HSSRMS and be used just like the spacebar is used in HSSRMS as a track call to kill the track for a yellow. Any number of buttons can be placed around the track and wired in parallel back to a single USB box. The electronics used is an Arduino Leonardo and i have written code for it do the track call with the push of any of the buttons around the track. I have also done an optional relay board to turn on an overhead rotating beacon...there's probably 10 people out there that have put this together either on their own or with a kit I put together. This is place holder right now I need to round up all of the info and videos I had posted on a previous forum. Stay Tuned - Any of you out there that are using this please feel free to chime in

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    Ed Magner
    Portage, MI

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    Wow, I look forward to learning more about this Ed, it is even more detailed than what the German enthusiasts typically do. Really impressive.


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      I also look forward to learning more about this. Thanks for sharing!
      Kip - Kennesaw, GA USA, Home Track: Corsa Autodromo Seminterrato


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        The Magner Big Red Button is great for digital racing. It still won't fix lazy racers that say "crap-I'm off or not again" LOL


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          Very interested in this, Ed. Thanks for starting the thread.

          I too envision using an Arduino with not only the big red button, but a yellow button as well. My goal, very similar to yours, is to signal a "red flag" condition for all stop, and a "yellow flag" for say a 20% max speed for a caution. Along with a beacon on track to signify red flag or yellow flag.

          Where I may deviate is that we use not a PC connection, but the Carrera App Connect BT to Smart Race. Is there a a way to control power to the track for red or yellow flag conditions (all stop or 20% speed)? Would the PC serial connect accommodate something in conjunction with using Smart Race? I'm not familiar enough yet with the Carrera protocols.

          Thank you for moderating the 1/32 forums! Love the info here.