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    Where I live, the Carrera track borders are prohibitively expensive. Second hand is difficult to find and most often the seller dosen't want to ship. Shipping new from other locations is not worth it, and for the time being I have made some borders from MDF, and painted them, which works OK. But they don't lend themselves to easily modifying the layout, and I've been thinking of changing my setup a bit. Same also for foam board which I have also used on parts of my layout. If it were flat, it would be easy as there are a few different materials that can be easily cut up to fit on a flat surface. (such as foam rubber, neoprene etc) But I am thinking of incorporating elevations. One idea was to cut more MDF, route a rebate, then epoxying the red Carrera track clips into the rebate and clipping it into the plastic track. But Has anyone else got any ideas?

    edit: Just thought of coreflute... Texture is not ideal, but perhaps I should try it. I could cut it with a knife, and easily rebate the red track clips into it for a convenient solution. It may not work but its cheap enough to try I guess...

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    Well Carrera borders have always been the bain of us Carrera track owners. I have used masonite plus cove base ' foam board ect. But nothing is as good as the original borders. So I just bite the bullet and buy a few Carrera borders here and their. Just keep a eye on ebay 'but I mostly buy new, In the long run their worth every penny.


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      For Scalextric Sport I've used a carpet underpad called Eco-Foam. It's the same thickness as the track and cuts easily with a knife or scissors. Check carpet or home improvement stores for a similar type of carpet underpad.


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        I've heard of guys using 8mm vinyl plank flooring for borders and to bring trackside areas up even with the track surface. The thickness is almost the same as Carrera track, just a hair light, and it has a textured surface so the right one painted would probably look a lot like track.
        I actually have some left over from my front hall floor and may give it a try for track roads and walkways, the foam board I have in place now is a pain to keep clean and is always too thick or too thin to get even with the track surface, drives me nuts.


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          Hi Bluevista,

          I started building up supports for the elevated sections that were wide enough to acomodate my self made borders but I would like to have the ability to change it up a bit but perhaps I am expecting too much without using the factory solution. The vinyl plank flooring sounds like an interesting material to work with, will see if I can get something like it locally.



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            What about printing them?
            Shoulder for Carrera 1/32. Use 2 Randstreifen_Kurve_Breit for 1/60° curve. Each one ist 1/30° for easier printing. There are also end pieces for outside shoulder. New wider version available:

            New version of my Carrera shoulders ( Now wider, for bigger drifiting angle and to put track barriers (tire stacks) on them. The mounting was also redesigned and no uses the original red Carrera connection clips. Shoulder for Carrera 1/32. Use 2 Randstreifen_2019_V4 for 1/60° curve. Each one ist 1/30° for easier printing. You need to print 2 Randstreifen_2019_Gerade for a Carrera standard straight. There are also end pieces for outside shoulder.

            This is a complete set of safety zone parts with barrier, attachable to the Carrera tracks with these red connectors (check my other designs if you want to print some of these: Features: Every part can be printed in one piece (include color/filament changes as you like) or print bottom, middle and top separately and glue it together afterwards Every part has the same spacing for the connectors as the original tracks, so just connect them with the red connectors to the tracks and/or next safety zone piece Bridging legs can be added to support safety barrier for track parts which do not lie on the ground. Safety barrier is far enough from the tracks to support proper drift action (yay!) No supports needed! The bridges of the bottom part are short enough to print in the air and bridge them. For every carrera track piece (as far as I've found out) there is a corresponding inner/outer safety barrier, including start/end pieces. To find out what you need check for specifications in the internet (or, e.g. Some of the track turns were bigger than my print volume, so I divided the safety zone by half. So for some turns you have to print two pieces for one track piece. If something doesn't fit properly or you're missing something, please let me know! Since these are a lot of parts I may have missed something (for sure). Please let me know when something's missing. If you print it post a make! If you like it tip me!
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              Interesting, I think I like these. Also as they are a bit narrower than standard (I don't need the full width, I am only running 1/32) So are there print shops where I can send the files to for printing? Or do I need to invest in a printer?

              Thanks chappyman, looks like a good solution.


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                I have a couple printers, so I haven't ever sent something anywhere else. I am not sure if Shapeways will do any of these.
                To me, it was never a question....for under $200 an Ender3 will do just about anything and pays for itself in short order. How many other options are there for a Porsche 917-20? LMM? I wanted one to race.....

                But other folks may not be quite so interested or inclined or have the space or any number of reasons.

                Here is one article I found:
                Thingiverse is one of the most popular sites for downloading models for 3D printing. Easily learn how to 3D print from Thingiverse!
                Come Race at The Trace!
                Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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                  Hi chappyman,

                  Down the track might be an option to buy a 3D printer, but not right now.

                  Looks like a lot of fun that one could easily become engrossed in.



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                    Waste of money IMHO' Carrera track border are a great deal for what you get. You get the borders that are painted already' end pieces' bag of connectors. Plus it looks 1000 times better than anything that you can print.