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  • Dave Kennedy is posting videos on Youtube

    Here's one that I found interesting:
    People don't stop playing because they get old, people get old because they stop playing.

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    It's a good video. Good insight into the industry in the USA or North America, fills in the blanks and clears up some myths. Thanks Dave Kennedy!


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      His latest one is on licensing. Really interesting. I now know why I have to get Carrera Gulf cars from Europe. I do get the licensing thing... it's just unfortunate that it's so challenging to obtain a licensed product. But if you watch his video on production numbers and then licensing, you really get a sense of why we don't have more offerings than we do. In RC, you'll see bodies that you know what they are but they're not licensed... a good example is RC4WD's Mojave truck which is clearly a 1st gen Toyota Hilux but there is no Toyota badging with the kit at all and then the aftermarket guys offer stickers, decals and photoetch with all the Toyota emblems.


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        Thanks for sharing this Carlos. I plan to do more videos on a number of topics.
        Slot Car Nerd/Photographer/ Just a self-styled marketing guy on my back porch.
        Check out my YouTube channel for weekly slot car news


        • CarlosInSeattle
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          Wish I had thought of a more interesting title for the post. I'm enjoying your work, please make more videos

        • Dave Kennedy
          Dave Kennedy commented
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          I am planning to make them regularly. Hopefully at least twice a week.

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        Interesting one on licensing. One thing that confuses me a bit is why there are issues with plain or white kit colored cars under some licensing arrangements. Or so I believe. Great video.


        • Slottus
          Slottus commented
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          Those would count as "Kit", with much higher production-numbers expected and lower price, thus the contracts would demand a much higher fee/model.
          And it is sometimes calculated this way, so that the kit-manufacturing companies that feature that particular model too don't get competition.
          In general, the mainstream models are affected by this; odd types of cars usually aren't.

        • Dave Kennedy
          Dave Kennedy commented
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          Slotspeed, because the shape of a car is also claimed as property too. It's called "trade dress". So even if the model is blank "they" are looking for money.

        • Slotspeed
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          Hi Dave and Slottus, great explanations, thank you. I studied a little bit of music business licensing, very different to this but I think it stirred up my appetite for licensing knowledge in general. The tutor we had ran a record label and was very tight lipped about anything that was not in the syllabus which was quite frustrating. So I appreciate you guys sharing a little bit of the knowledge in the slot car modelling industry.

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        These are really interesting. Thanks, Dave!


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          Yes, love Dave’s videos, thanks!