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Ghost car lane changes???

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  • Ghost car lane changes???

    Is it just me, or is there something in the Carrera digital programming that yells a goody car to change lanes when the driven car changes lanes?

    When I am closely following a ghost car and selects lane change to make a pass it seems that 95% of the time the ghost car changes lanes too. As soon as I back off a few car lengths this seems to stop. Just coincidence or something programmed?

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    Just coincidence. Lane changes are strictly random. Sometimes you get lucky when you're following too close and it doesn't change lanes. I've learned to hang back just a bit to see which way it goes so I can go opposite. Makes it interesting.
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      I still think there is something in the code that lets the ghost car sense a lane change. It may not be designed in but it s there. I can be on the ghost car’s bumper and have the GC change lanes with me 4-5 times in a row. Strange...


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        It is random. But that doesn't mean the split is 50/50. A look at the data stream tells me they are slightly more likely to change lanes than not.

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      That truly is the "magic" of digital slat cars. I've often found it more difficult to pass a ghost car than a car driven by a person for this very same reason. My default is to not change lanes when I first approach the back of a ghost car and see if it changes lanes at the first LC we encounter. For some reason most of the time it changes lanes. But If it doesn't I go ahead and change lanes at the next lane change. Seems to work 80% of the time.
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        I find it best to leave a cushion behind a ghost car so you have time to do the opposite of whatever it does.
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