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pit lane not counting lap problem

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  • pit lane not counting lap problem

    Hi all!
    was wondering if anyone has had this problem in the past... i have a 2 lane routed Carrera digital track, running the HSSRMSS software... when any car goes into the pits, it will not register that lap... the software recognize the car has entered the pits and i can then refuel... but it will not count the lap that the car just completed. start finish line and pit road are in the same stretch of the track... any help?
    thank you

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    I cannot help, but would love to see photos of you track. Routed Carrera sounds neat.


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      Is the start finish line between the pit entry and exit? If so, there is a way to switch pit lane lap counting off/on using the Carrera control unit. I had the same problem when I first set up my track. The issue is addressed in the Carrera instruction manual. I can’t remember the details but it was an easy fix.


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        Turning lap counting on and off on the pit stop fuel track is detailed here in the CU service manual
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        Ed Magner
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          thank you gentlemen...and JTK ... there was photos in the readers road sectionfrom the old board, not sure if they made it on to the new board, Tracy Ridge is the name of the track, Right now its a mess,been changing things and tweeking stuff .
          thanks again gents!