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Help with HSSRMS pit lane issues

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  • Help with HSSRMS pit lane issues

    I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction here.. I have been running the HSSRMS software flawlessly for a bout a year , yesterday went to start racing , and the laptop I have hooked up to the track running the software did a update, well it messed up the HSSRMS program, no sounds, black screen when the race is started /running, and other issues, so I deleted the HSSRMS program from the computer, then downloaded extracted install the newest version of HSSRMS. Everything is operating fine except when I start the program I get a access violation window pop up , I click ok program starts but in bottom right corner of screen, No advanced pit lane installed....but I do have a pit lane...I tried a another delete and re install to no avail... any one ever have this issue?


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    KInd of puzzled as to how a Windows update could have fouled your installation.

    When you deleted and re-installed- did you delete *everything* in the HSSRMS folder? If you didn't have a backup from before the Windows update screwed up the program, you will have to delete *everything* before downloading and running the new version.

    If you *did* delete everything, then try this: start the software w/o the track running, click OK when the box popups up that says 'No timing device found', then turn on the track, then click the 'Search for timing device' button. What happens then?
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