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Carrera 26732 in Revoslot, having problems

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  • Carrera 26732 in Revoslot, having problems

    Hi. First post here, discovered this forum a few days ago. Recognize some people from SCI... anyway....

    I just installed a standard 26732 in a Revoslot. It seemed ok but going backwards so I reversed the motor wires & now the motor is pulsing quickly, the car moves in quick little jerks or pulses. It could have been doing that before I switched the motor wires. It only ran for a split second before I took it off & reversed the motor wires.

    Any ideas on what might be wrong? No lights so it was a pretty straight forward install.

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    Well I believe I figured it out. I didn't insulate the chip from the aluminum chassis. I saw another thread where people were using a 3D printed insulator. A bit of electrical tape did the trick but the standard Carrera chip hits the little brass nuts right in front of the hole for the LED light so I may fashion something out of styrene.


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      I only have one chip in a metal chassis but all I did was a dab of hot glue on the corners to insulate it off the chassis.
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        Blue Tack works really well too.


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          Thanks, I ended up using double sided foam servo tape, seemed to do the trick also.