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Pit entry slow to open?

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  • Pit entry slow to open?

    I have a pit entry that is occasionally slow to open, actuate. The guide will hit the end of the arm and the car will either deslot or sometimes come to an abrupt halt! After the incident the guide is in the open position. It only happens occasionally, maybe once or twice in 50 actuations or more. It certainly has not been repeatable making diagnostics difficult.

    I don’t think it is a voltage issue. I’m running 14.5 for 132 and 18.5 for 124. It has occurred with both voltages. The other multiple lane changes nd pit entry’s are not affected.

    Anyone have experience with this and a fix?



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    Dirt, dust, and resistance.

    If you're out of warranty, take the back cover off and clean all the mechanical bits. If you're still in warranty- at least blow air into the hole where the plastic lever pops up to clean as well as you can.

    Do you have a jumper directly in front of the pit lane entry switch? If not, put one there. Voltage may measure 14.5 and 18.5, but that doesn't tell you anything about the current available on demand for the pit entry solenoid.


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        Just noticed your rule. What if I mostly race alone and most of the time (when I'm not racing) I can't stand myself?!