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Jacks for Carrera controller plugs

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  • Jacks for Carrera controller plugs

    Want to disperse several controller jacks around the track perimeter. Does anyone have a source for Carrera jacks? Or, has anyone disassembled the Carrera 30348 extension box for this purpose?
    Click image for larger version

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    How about a wireless controllers
    Courtney Smith
    Chattanooga TN


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      Thanks. I have wireless, but our club racers prefer using the wired TruSpeed type.
      Just trying to cater to everyone.

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    You can find the socket on the bay if you search for "RJ12 Socket MMJ" Make sure it is 6P6C offset lever type.
    They are not cheap.
    I am thinking for my own layout I will re-crimp RJ45 connectors to the controller cables and plug them into RJ45 terminal socket boxes that were thrown out at work. This will be wired to MMJ plugs going into the CU. I already have the bits so its won't cost anything but will bug me that it is not original spec... Unless I find a cheaper source.


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      Thanks for the specs; very helpful.

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    Grainger carries an inline coupler (female-female) for the RJ12 jack. The coupler is very cheap; shipping is not. If you have a Grainger location nearby, you could save shipping by picking them up.

    FYI, I have a box full of old DEC networking cables that are RJ12 plugs (male) on both ends. With this inline coupler on the end, they work as a perfect Carrera Digital extension cable. PM me if you want some.


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      This is how I handled that on my track. I mounted the Carrera box under the table and used ready to use phone cord to extend to female-female connectors mounted track side. I nipped the locking tab off of the phone cord and used a dab of hot glue to hold the cord in place. To complete the project, I did replace the Carrera plugs on the controller cord with standard phone plugs. I made on extension for the CU also.

      Perfect?, no. I only have one TrueSpeed controller and I'm the only one that likes it anyway... I only use it on the either of the two open CU positions. Going forward, I'm not sure what I want to do though. Discovering the world stash of offset tab plugs like Carrera uses would be great. I could make all my driver stations Carrera specific instead of custom.


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        I did find a reasonably sized stash of beautiful Carrera compatible pod mounted sockets at my work. More than we will ever use. Waiting for such time as we retire the last of the equipment that uses them... We have been talking about replacing all that old equipment for about 20 years now so I may be waiting a while still!