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Carrera outside/inside border transitions

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  • Carrera outside/inside border transitions

    Are Carrera outside borders and inside borders the same width? Can you make a smooth border transition when connecting opposite direction curved sections?

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    Yes. they are the same width so you can use them for say an S type curve and everything will match up.
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      Inside and outside borders for flat sections are the same width. Outer borders for banked curves are the same as the flat borders and connect up perfectly. The width of flat borders are exactly half the width of the track section itself.
      The inner borders for banked curves are not the same. They are only about 1" [maybe 1 1/4"] wide. Carrera makes a transition border that will connect the banked curve inner border to the standard width border for a STRAIGHT track section when coming out of or going into a banked curve.
      Inner banked curve borders will not connect to a standard flat border.
      On my track I have a couple of curves made up of flat curves mixed with a single 2/30 banked curve section, and the only way to get a proper looking inner border is to cut a piece of 1/30 banked curve track in half and fill the slot and paint it, and use that for the border.
      The standard flat borders WILL connect perfectly when connecting flat curves going in the opposite direction [as in making esses].


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        Thanks. It looked that way but tough to tell from the pics I saw.