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Diode for Carrera Chip

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  • Diode for Carrera Chip

    Does anyone know where to get replacement diodes for the Carrera 1/32 digital chip? I need a few to repair some of my shoddy solder work.

    Thanks for any information.
    Kip - Kennesaw, GA USA, Home Track: Corsa Autodromo Seminterrato

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    Got a photo? You talking about the polarity protection diode? Assuming you are;

    Schottkey SX34 (Edit: this is incorrect) is what is marked on Minislot's schematic for decoder 26744. Which decoder do you have? Is it an SMD part? The type (Schottkey), the package type or form factor and the current rating are the important bits to get right. I have a feeling that 3A is what comes standard.

    Hopefully someone else can be of further help perhaps with an order number.


    Edit: I looked at two of my genuine Carrera decoders - both different types. Both had polarity protection diode marked as SK34. I looked up this part and its available in at least two different sized surface mount packages, DO214AC is the one we want. Here is the part:

    If you cannot get that part then an equivalent I have used in the past (for a non genuine compatible decoder) is PMEG6030EP-115 which is an SOD128 surface mount package, almost the same size as the Do214AC package. It is also a Schottkey diode, 3A
    If in doubt, reference the data sheets.

    Best of luck.
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      Thanks Slotspeed.

      I am looking for the LED that triggers the lane changers.

      Kip - Kennesaw, GA USA, Home Track: Corsa Autodromo Seminterrato


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        I found this note here...

        In the original Carrera decoders probably an IR LEDs of type SFH487 is installed. The LED has a wavelength of 880 nm with a beam angle of 40% and a maximum current of 100mA. Sometimes we are talking about SFH409. This has a wavelength of 950 nm.

        I use the Vishay TSAL4400 with very good results as a remote diode for my cars. This generates infrared light with a wavelength of 940 nm. The beam angle is given as +/- 25 °.

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          I have also used that one for the IR LED the Vishay TSAL4400 it works just fine.

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        Thanks! I will order these.

        Kip - Kennesaw, GA USA, Home Track: Corsa Autodromo Seminterrato