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RMR Fall Round4 @ Dartschleife: Nov.3

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  • RMR Fall Round4 @ Dartschleife: Nov.3

    Boys and round is coming in hot! Back to the lands of the Shadow where we'll be breaking out NASCAR for its season debut, along with some good 'ol Fly in the ointment Classics and Gruppe 5.

    Will the Shadow continue his winning ways? Will Mrs Fozzy get one up on her man? Will we see No Hands hands again? And will Bob race more rental cars?

    Be there or be square!
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    Welcome back to RMRs traveling circus. This week the team haulers rolled into Die Dartschleife, home to none other than the Shadow, who laid a good beat down on the rest of the RMR last time out.

    Rumor has it that Al-Mini-um unloaded his cars for an early set up with T-Thomas two point 0. Meanwhile the Badger was busy in the bar getting in a few training shots for his warm up.

    No Hands was back and ready to celebrate his big day today

    Click image for larger version

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    Happy Birthday to one of the nicest guys and youngest, yet oldest club members!

    Up first was the first boogity boogity of the year...the last of the club classes to debut. NASCAR would see a bit of confusion while we sorted out who was dancing with who. But one thing was for sure, it seemed Brother Love caught the eye of Al, aka the ‘Dozer. What ensued could only be described as all sets of bumping and grinding, the detail of which is not safe for our readers.

    While Kevin didn’t “swing that way”

    Click image for larger version

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    We saw the Dozer feelin’ those Latin rythyms and scoot his way to a podium in NASCAR just edging out the Badger who could be spied with a wry smile on his face. Bobby and NASCAR go together like

    Click image for larger version

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    Up next was an old crowd favorite, Fly Classics! Perfectly suited for the Dartschleife. While the Birthday Boy mused about the Porsche 906, he pulled a double switch with the grand ol’ lady Lola! Dressed supremely in silver and martini, she still had some giddy up and go. Meanwhile Bobby’s 908/2 may have skipped the waffles and OD’d on the “white stuff”. But we had the vices covered in this class, as AA-Ron’s Little Jager bomb was busy chasing down T2.0’s asthmatic Gunston 917

    Click image for larger version

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    But it was T2.0 who used the power asthma and cruised into 3rd in class.

    Last class of the day, the Uber-quick, Gruppe 5. Strange noises were the order of the a scrapping of the rear wing by T2.0’s 512BB, the Dozer’s Capri who seems to have a nut loose and a nervous chattery Capri from chez Badger. Meanwhile, Mr.Low’n’Wide put in a heat for the ages, holding off the AA-Ron 3000 for what we all acknowledged was probably Kevin’s best heat win, running at the front the entire heat capping the heat with a power slide to block Aaron as the power cut!

    The final heats were a blast to drive as Triple T’s orange box on wheels raced against the Shadow’s white box on wheels. Some video of one those heats at our Facebook page here:

    Overall, you can find teh updated results with our spare but main statistician cranks the numbers for distance over in the season thread.

    Thanks again to David and family for hosting today. One of these days I’m sure we’ll all learn how to work the lap timer, but for now, good thing we have Aaron to back up David.

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    Founding member of Rocky Mountain Racers, a 1/32 club based in Calgary, Alberta Canada:
    Canada’s Tourist Trophy Event Founder and Organizer:


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      Great comical write up as usual TTT!