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RMR Fall Round 3 : Oct 20 Aldorado

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  • RMR Fall Round 3 : Oct 20 Aldorado

    Welcome race fans. As the fall season heats up i will keep you up to date your host with the most J4S (just 4 show). Today venue continued the saga of DAVID VS GOLIATH. Ok maybe just David vs TTT but its was epic to watch non the less

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    Congrats to David today. And thanks to Alan for hosting too!

    Hope Al’s track grip comes back, found all my cars really squirrelly. Interestingly got back home and after a quick 2 lap test on each of my Thunderslot Lola’s, each pulled both laps around 5.11 in my long lane...just stuck down in corners and less than a tenth off my track record.

    Seems to me that the CanAm Proxy race may have erased whatever grip used to be there. As I would have expected at least another 3-4 tenths quicker today based on home testing. Tells me one of two things, either treated rubber will play well where urethanes are present, but not the either way round OR I’m generating most of my grip through my tires (on my urethane only track) and I need to add A LOT more ballast/weight for other tracks.

    Guessing the latter....always learning!
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      Please post race results in the 2019-20 season thread. Thank you.
      David Shadow


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        Click image for larger version  Name:	thumbnail-IMG-2117.jpg Views:	0 Size:	76.1 KB ID:	2479
        I've watched Aldorado take shape from a new guy with a plan into one of the most complex raceways I've ever seen. It was built to be the best with brand new 5000k LED lights imported from the US, giving the illusion of a sunny day at the track. Its technical chicane paired up with twin hairpins turn a simple track plan into something of a monster. The new "David's corner" combines the two long straits with a banked corner into a 19 foot speed section, which is currently the longest in RMR's active track lineup. You need to bring speed and style at the same time. What really seperates this track from the norm is that each of the 4 lanes is vastly different from the one before it. Its construction was an interesting wonder as well. The paint was done with 28 days of rest before the copper was laid down, all but eliminating copper tape lift. It's done with MDMF board only 1/4 inch thick with massive support braces and a very solid table. Just to round everything off, the floor is a lovely soft cork so your feet don't get sore. Wonderful job on this course, I can't say enough good things. Well enough about the track it's onto David vs Goliath.
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        During practice, No Hands hands where actually spotted. This is a rare omen, a sign, like seeing a Unicorn or Bigfoot. Something in the cosmos was different........


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          Carrera DTM was first up. With there fast 21.5k motors, overweight chasis trying to compensate for a top heavy flying brick. Parts where flying all over the track, starting with Mary K's brand new M4 spraying parts all over. I'm not sure Badger started with a spoiler, but spoiler alert, he didn't finish with one! Neither did T2 after his spoiler got Terminated... it won't be back.
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          Somehow the marshals barely needed to lift a golden finger other than picking parts off the track. Alan with home track advantage came in a strong second with David taking first and Goliath (TTT) in 3rd. An interesting start to the day. Kill the unkillable cars............

          Pony car madness was next with Trans Am. Scaleys flew everywhere as the Marshals finally woke up to a flurry of Dukes of Hazard moves, lets just hope everyone left there daisy dukes at home or this is gonna get weird fast! With the old school racers having the major advantage with cars that are steeped in experiance and chassis massaged to perfection. Drug testing may become manditory after a screetch of Sucka Ma Ducka, Alan's car blasted into the lead as 10 pounds of Columbian Bambam erupted inside the cab.
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          TTT took first with David just behind Badger 3rd and Big Al in 4th.....somehow


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            TSNP....Yes there is now a P on the end and it stands for Polycar. They are light, nimble and can usually hold track records if TTT keeps his IMSA in his racecase. Alot of threats from Goliath that he would field a Policar, but when push came to shove team Magello showed up sporting twin thunderslots. With Team Fozzy also in the starting lineup it was a Italian family reiunion and the spagetti sauce was gonna fly. After Fozzy renamed his team to J4S (just for show) TSN turned from David vs Goliath into David vs AL. AL sporting for team NSR and backed by the Columbians, had a silver 917 that layed down some serious laps. I'm not sure if I've seen this car before, but I won't soon forget it now. 4.643 lap times with 37.4 laps. David and his Mclearin layed down times of 4.701 lap times like the 37.1 totals, but this was short lived and David's golden gloves of consistancey would just barely take out AL in subsiquent heats. TTT coming in 3rd showing that he brought the thunder, just not the lightning.

            Well after the grand battle and for the first time ever David with 417.5 laps total, took out TTT by a fair margin. TTT with silver at 411.1 but that being said this reporter has an opion. Yes David has been consistantly bringing his A game. His racing prowess has been the best I've ever seen. It's calculated and methodical, but I've notice TTT has alot of new cars. He's trying alot of new things which means eventually he will find traction possibly becoming a next level slotcar racer. Will David remain on top or will a new star be born in the slotcar world? Stay tuned in 2 weeks as the battle continues.

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            AL with hometrack advantage came is a solid 3rd with Badger in 4th and T2 in 5th.

            Thank you all for a wonderful race and hope to see everyone in 2 weeks!


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              Great write-up as usual "J4S". Close results all around, winds of change are indeed blowing!
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              Canada’s Tourist Trophy Event Founder and Organizer: