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COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Measures for Club Racing

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  • COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Measures for Club Racing

    Hey folks,

    Just throwing out a question around what folks are either doing already and/or contemplating with respect to racing during COVID-19. Like most clubs, we have some older members and some folks who are more in that higher risk profile, so we have not done any racing since the end of February.

    Here in Canada the COVID-19 numbers are relatively low in most areas and the provincial governments having slowly been working through a staged re-opening to help manage the “curve”.

    So as things slowly reopen, we are starting to look more closely at what racing could look like again vis-à-vis safety protocols & procedures. I have read what Rich D’s Shoreline guys have done and am interested in hearing about safety precautions that other club’s are either doing or may be planning for as well.

    Many thanks!
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    Look here for info on how we have gotten back to racing:


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      We’ve been racing here every Saturday since May 1. Masks are voluntary, Covid condoms voluntary. Bottle of Cootie juice and Clorox wipes on the table, use them often! All we ask, is that if anyone has tested positive or has been in contact with anyone who has tested positive, to please not show up here! Other than that, race on!
      Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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        Hi Tom

        Alwyn would be the best person to provide an update on the GVSCC, but I do know that all club activities are currently suspended until further notice.

        Outside of the GVSCC's formal schedule, Perry has hosted some private and casual racing at his personal tracks and has shared a list of what is expected from attendees. It includes limited numbers, pre-registration, social distancing, face masks required, hand sanitizer and shields between driver stations. I have not attended any of these, I am only going from memory after reading his emails. Based on the follow-up emails from the attendees, he has done a good job in finding a balance between a safe and fun environment.

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          Here are Perry's guidelines/comments prefacing every email invitation for the unofficial Friday evening race at Greater Vancouver Slot Car Club.

          I have set up barriers between race stations where there’s less than 6 ft separation . I used 3 ft wide clear shower curtains hanging from the ceiling down to table level.

          Masks will be worn at all times while in the garage.

          There will be a max of 10 people in the garage ( 6 racers, 2 starters and 2 Scorekeepers ). Drivers will stay at their stations until change over ( no leaving to marshal cars ). Please let someone else clear your car unless you can easily reach it.

          Racing will be Bracket . The race is restarted after an out unless there is no interference ( an out car is clear or is quickly cleared).

          You will be required to sanitize before entering the garage. This includes hands, controllers and cars. I’ll set up a table with sanitizer and wipes. Please bring your own if possible .

          While in the garage, avoid touching your mask. Don’t lick your tires !! Bring a wet cloth for cleaning tires. Bring a wipe with you to clean drivers stations ( knobs, buttons and switches )

          The work bench in the garage will be closed. No storing kit boxes or working on cars. Make sure your cars are ready and have backups.

          I believe this Friday will be the eighth race in a row and everyone has been safe, respectful and healthy!



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            Thanks for the comments so far gents, appreciate it.

            Dan, thanks for passing along Perry’s message. From what I’ve been able to gather both here and abroad, much of the racing that is happening is first solely dependent on a willing host.

            With the personal bubbles, cohorts or whatever you want to call them - we are still being asked to manage them to help our communities progress back to stage 3 reopening. Most of our local gang is in their 60’s-70 and high risk, so most track owners are preferring to keep their bubbles small, ruling out most of our tracks.

            With social distancing guideline (6’j still in play and wearing masks where you aren’t able to, a lot of it comes down to invitees (#’s) and whether or not ALL club members could be included in an environment that’s not only safer, but still fun. The more clubs I talk to, both in Canada and the US as well as overseas, that principle to still have fun while being smart in your safe practices is what’s underpinning club’s decision to race OR deciding it’s not worth it the hassle.

            The more I dig into this, and the lack of space around our local tracks, lack of track hosts and limitations on #’s....the more I think we will we be waiting a few more months, maybe early 2021 before restart... 😕
            Founding member of Rocky Mountain Racers, a 1/32 club based in Calgary, Alberta Canada:
            Canada’s Tourist Trophy Event Founder and Organizer:


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              We've been racing for 4-6 weeks now. We are in a big garage and have plenty of room. I have a 32 X 8 foot track and controller stations are at each end and on each side. There is at least 6 foot between the controllers. I have asked the guys to wear masks , unless we are taking a break and just setting around (we set at least 6 foot apart. I wear a a mask then and some of the guys do, too. I have a 48 inch floor fan and I open an overhead door and turn the fan on full. It moves a ton of fresh air into the garage. There are plenty of dental masks and hand sanitizer for everyone.

              I think 1 or 2 guys won't come because of the mask mandate. That is ok, this is a choice you make to protect yourself and others or to be concerned only with yourself. Currently there are 5-6 of us every week which is just fine. We are all 65-75 years old and even surviving it can lead to long rehab and health issues. This is not something to take lightly. Corona can be hiding in plain sight and we all need to have protection as our first priority in everything we do. That is the way I felt about the guys racing again.

              We still have our fun and I think the risk is very minimal.
              Matt B
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