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  • Monaco

    Two historic racing brands. One spectacular livery design for Monaco.

    McLaren will celebrate its historic partnership with Gulf Oil by racing in a one-off Gulf livery across the Monaco GP weekend.

    The grapevine says that Atalaya is going to be offering the decal set for this livery soon.

    Click image for larger version

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    Good Gravy I want one.


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      I wanted to post about this for the past few days, good thing I checked before starting a new thread. WER is as fast as his slot cars!

      What a fantastic idea, hats off to McLaren, Gulf and all the other sponsors that agreed to this one off livery. The only issue I have is with the driver's suits, we all know it should be plain white with the two lines running down the length of it.
      Maybe McLaren got the idea from Slot It's GEM F1 cars...retro livery on modern car!

      BTW, has anyone read the story by NSR (Andrea) about ScaleAuto's new generic F1 slot car, he is not a happy camper!


      Click image for larger version

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      "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
      "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

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      • docdoom
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        There are people who bring innovation in the slotcars industry, who study day and night for years to create something new. There are people who develop every technical characteristic to evolve their models and to provide enthusiasts with a new product, innovative and performing. Unfortunately though, there are also those who prefer to COPY, rather than CREATE. NSR after years of research and development introduced Formula 86-89. on the market in January 2020 NSR's work was based on continuous calculation and track testing: Prototype after prototype, test test, thousands of laps on track to increase every shred of performance. NSR exposed itself, took a risk and brought the slot world something never seen before: a Formula 1 (! ) very fast, beautiful and resilient, and all this in box configuration and available in almost every country in the world. Something that didn't exist on the market that never existed. The success of this model is indescribable: we've received messages, messages, phone calls from every country in the world of slotters who are super excited about what we offered them and we keep offering them. And it's just under a year later, someone tries to copy every single grain of plastic produced by the Italian brand. They even managed to copy the name, incredible! Same choice as liveries, same frame / engine support points, same wheels, same front shape as the frame!!! And I could go on much longer, but it's not necessary. What needs to be reiterated, is that behind every success there is sweat, there is passion, there are dreams. Dear 100 % Made in China, copying is not enough. To leave a footprint in this hobby you need to dream like children and realize like Formula 1. engineers. Copies of per se are never something attractive, let alone when the copy is also the ugly and cheesy version! When you try to copy NSR, who puts his face into what he does, and makes his dreams come true as a true lover and slot car enthusiast... well, you can only make a m * rda figure. I'd like to challenge a track comparison, with the models fresh out of the box or in open configuration, or whatever.... but it would be unnecessary. But since you've dug your own grave.... we'll be waiting for you on track! With love, Andrea Noviello - NSR General Manager.

      • chrisguyw
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        It is amazing that NSR could get away with the rip off of the Allslot F1 car !!.........and Andrea conveniently omits to mention the things NSR has "borrowed".

      • docdoom
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        good point.

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      Watching Monaco F1 practice this morning..........the McLaren Gulf livery is stunning.


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        Yes the livery looks absolutely stunning and I can't wait to watch the race. Atalaya on the other hand, has never responded to an email I sent them regarding over a hundred dollars of merchandise in my cart. That's absolutely NO Customer Service - so they'll never get my money from here on out! I mean, the very least they could've done was put what I wrote in google translate if they can't read English...