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Off for another adventure - Leaving Colorado

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  • Off for another adventure - Leaving Colorado

    This is a bittersweet post: The fetching Mrs. Reinecke and I are moving to Florida. There are many reasons, but the most important is that I've always said "family comes first". It is time to put that into practice as the past 4 years have seen me on the road more than home and when I am home, I'm spending 3-4 hours each day commuting. While I've loved my current job, I don't enjoy the commute, I actually love my wife, and sleeping in my own bed is something I've really missed.

    After growing up around the world, I've been blessed to live in Colorado for over 40 years of my life. However, with no family left and us now chasing both kids around the country for our vacations, it makes sense to make the move now.

    We are moving to the Tampa, Florida NOW. I found a great new job that wants me yesterday, and we can be less than 3 hours to our son's home. The fetching Mrs. Reinecke can catch up with her family as they live in the area as well. It also makes vacationing easier as we will only have to chase one child and her USAF husband's career.

    It does mean I have to find an appropriate slot car room big enough for the PDR (fingers and toes crossed) as well as the garage and a pool, since I melt around 88 degrees and 100% humidity. Yes, I've visited there 30 times in the summer months, so I know what I'm getting into.

    I will miss my MN gang - they have graciously hosted me for years, tolerated my terrible driving, fed me, watered me, chased broken parts and cars all over the floor, and simply been just some of the best guys ever. My current job allowed me to spend that time with them, and I'm truly indebted.

    I will miss the Colorado folks as well, even though I've not been around much the past two years. It sucks having folks so close, and I'm in another state most of the time.

    So, this crazy train is about to get started. Taking PDR down will be painful, but I always manage to rebound.

    PS - in no particular order:
    • Yes, both Jeeps are coming with me. I've driven through Florida monsoons, and someone has to do Hurricane rescues...I might as well be that person since I actually know to use a winch and have wheeled all over Colorado and not just the mall...
    • Yes, the Challenger Scat Pack is going with me. The car is scary at altitude - I CANNOT wait to drive it at sea level!
    • No, I will not wear socks with my sandals. I'm German...just not that German.
    • No, I won't do the 3:00pm buffet.
    • Yes, I'll still drink Coors light regularly - I have to fit in the Speedo and not look like a beached whale. I cannot guarantee however, that I won't look like a Chia-Pet
    See you on the other side!

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    Good luck with the is never easy.

    Having seen a little of your lifestyle I predict a well organised smooth transition.

    Beardog Chris Wright is in that part of the world as well as my wifes cousin....


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      Best of luck with the transition. We’ll patiently be waiting for your return to HRW and first pics of your new layout.
      Bob G. ..... Boston, North Shore


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        We will take care of your slot car fix! Hit me up when you get into town!
        Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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          If it's going to be Coors, then at least drink the original Banquet.
          Good luck with the move.
          Chris aka CJR RACING Denver, Colorado and Nagasaki, Japan


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            Good luck with the move. I know that must have been a hard decision for I have tried to make it several times but I'm still in the same place (its a weather thing also). And hopefully the new job doesn't get in the way of the slots. And as always, we'll all be awaiting anew build from you.

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              Good luck Doc. I sure our paths will cross again, It's been snowing here sine Tues, nite, so a change is latitude sounds great!!

              Best to you my friend.

              Brian Mc
              Minnecrapulous, Mn

              Come for the weirdness…stay cause your car got stolen


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                Good luck Dave. It will all work out, it just takes time and you'll be on top of everything and life will be simpler.
                Matt B
                So. In


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                  Safe travels my friend. Happy for you.


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                    As you may remember, after living in Colorado for 37 years of my life I moved to AZ a few years ago. I did my time of 6 years in Louisiana so I know what you're in for. Talk about true 'climate change'. Use the waterproof/resistant products on everything in construction. Maybe a motorized ceiling hoist?

                    The biggest hit is the fact there are no basements in AZ or Florida. That means a large house or huge garage is required to house the addiction. Remember that if you are moving for 'the wife' (at least convince her of that) you can justify taking over the formal living room you will never use. My old college roommate near Pensacola actually used his attic for the slot track. You need good insulation, a good floor, and maybe an attic fan to try that. With all the rain it's hard to use up the garage for PDR III or IV.

                    The shorter commute will make you smile each and everyday.
                    Life is too short to settle for Coors Light -- Find a local craft beer to switch too. You'll sweat it all out anyway.
                    I look forward to the new builds coming.


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                      Hi Dave,
                      I've been wondering about you since the website change, (Have not seen any new post's in the 3d forum).
                      Anyway it's fantastic news that your able to make this move for family and all.
                      All the best,
                      P.S. PM sent


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                        Half Fast is giving good advice- I would add that the house you choose should have large roof overhang so you will save a fortune in AC every afternoon. I learned that one in Texas. Huge difference. From my son who moved to Florida, I learned that you will have to have the mildew power-washed off everything on your property at least once per year. Changing the filter on your AC will be a twice annual at least, so arrange for one that can be taken outside and washed. I suspect you will need a whole new wardrobe, too. In a few years you can wear psychedelic Bermuda shorts, jungle print shirts, black knee length socks "Jesus Boot" sandals and a variety of fanny packs coordinated with any color on your shirt. Also, invest in several pairs of good sunglasses you can wear on a lanyard around your neck.

                        On the other hand, you will be approximately 1500 miles closer to my kitchen- paradise awaits- and larger elastic belts. Stay in touch, David, or I'll tell them your real name!


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                          We will miss seeing you. Your visits were always a highlight.
                          Imiss seeing you. I am glad you were able to come once.
                          If you ever get back up here for any reason you have a place. If you get stuck in MN or somewhere close for any reason let me know.

                          Looking forward to seeing you rebuild and get running again.
                          Come Race at The Trace!
                          Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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                            No socks & sandals? You aren’t living! I regularly wear sock & sandals. Try it, it’s life changing!

                            Living closer to family & closer to work is a great idea. Hope your move goes smoothly.


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                              I hope for the best for you and family. Moving is never fun nor easy. But at least Florida is warm!
                              Why doesn't my car run like that?