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  • St. Louis Slot Car Show

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    Just had a very successful slot car show in Easton, PA last Saturday. I guess driving down to Missouri from Long Island would be a bit of a stretch for this vendor!
    Wish I could be there, good luck and have FUN! -- Ernie


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      E come on down to Missouri I will meet you their I'm in Stlouis I went in 2019 lot of venders.We will go and eat some Smoke meat

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    Get vaccinated and start having fun at shows again. I hope we have some model shows this year maybe our slot car swap meet. I sure missed shows and swap meets last year.

    We got our shots here and have been out to eat a couple times. We've been lucky in that we don't work or have to go anywhere and I always have stuff to entertain me.

    Getting the guys back to race and going places as you want to is nice.
    Matt B
    So. In


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      I'm all immunized and masked up, but 16 hours one way is something that is not possible for me to do at the present time. It would end up actually costing me money to be a vendor at the show, and I for one am not someone who can afford to operate in the red, no matter how much I might enjoy the whole trip. That's a full LONG day of driving each way. Maybe some day, but not in the current health climate and with my family responsibilities.
      Really wish I could be there... Enjoy! -- Ernie


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        My driving record is 998 miles in 17 hours from near Houston up to Denver. That was part of a road trip that started and ended in Maine. A typical cross country road trip for me and the bride is 8,000 miles in 3-4 weeks. One trip I drove every mile because I didn't want to get out of the driver's seat of my new Mustang.

        Some buddies of mine rode all the way from St. Louis to NY on motorcycles in a day while on a trip home from Mt. Rushmore. Now that's crazy.

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      Yeah, been there and done that. But my body is much older now and not in the same shape it was years ago. Believe me, I love road trips when I can make them work with my family schedule.
      And my 1980 Kawasaki KZ 1000 is unfortunately a distant memory. I won't ride a motorcycle anymore in this crazy driver distracted world we live in. Enjoy! -- Ernie


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        This is a Slot Car and Hot Wheels Show. For some reason the whole page didn’t copy.