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    The neighbor has a young boy.
    I’d like to corrupt him and introduce him to slot cars. My controllers are Professor Motor, rather large for his small hands. Are there any smallish pistol type controllers that are more suited to kids? I’m thinking something along the size of AFX controllers (which I might try on my 1/32 track just to see)?

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    My grandson started at 5 with a regular Parma controller. Biggest thing is turn the voltage way down so he can't crash the first few times.
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      A grandson of mine started racing with me when he was about 5 years old. At that time all I had was the controllers that came with a Scalextric set even though we mostly raced on my routed oval. I took the plastic track down because racing with magnets at full power was a horror show. The cars were fast and smooth but when the magnetic traction was exceeded they became missiles.

      As noted above, the key is having low voltage so the cars are more controllable. I replaced the wall wart power supply with a 4.5 volt one I found in a bin at a surplus store. I think it was a charger of some sort. The cars could still crash so he had to learn to drive, but it wasn't nearly as hard to do as it would have been with full power.