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Rumors of my demise are not true

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  • Rumors of my demise are not true

    I'm here...just The new job, house, and associated jungle have all kept me busy. The PDR is running, but I really have had very little time to do much except during off-hours. The great news is that we are closer to family and I've managed to reconnect with Lee (ListerStorm) for those that know him. He's doing darned well.

    I still poke around a bit, just really haven't done much worth chatting about. I did make one of the awesome Slot Car Zoom Chats, but the hours and day are difficult to make, and I try to watch them later if I can.

    I see some old faces still here, and that is great.

    I still am 3d printing as I can, still play with the track, and still love the little cars. I'll post an update on the track soon - it has gotten a little attention finally.

    I have completely given up on resin. I tried a test run to see if I could do it and almost ended up in the hospital. That chapter is now officially closed.

    The 1:1 slot car is a ball - my commute is 25 miles of twisty, country roads. Beats a highway, hands down.

    Keep it in the slot!

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    Hello Dave , sorry to hear what the resin does to you , but your health comes first . Enjoy your 1:1 , I had a Challenger myself . it was a sweet ride


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      Nice to here from you and good to here Lee is doing well also Im looking forward to the track updates they are always awsome
      Peterborough Ont


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        Good to hear from you. Nothing like being near family. Looking forward to more updates.
        Pass Christian, MS


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          Great to see you my friend


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            Hi, David. Obviously, I have missed you. Tell Lee I miss him , too. I still have his note to me on the fridge in my slot car/woodshop building. Lee faced some tough times and stood tall. Of course, I have kept your notes, too.

            Tell us what's happening more often, David. You are a hero, after all.


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              Thanks all, appreciate the kind words. I'll let Lee know folks are thinking about him as well.

              I have had some emails asking about my health. Thanks, I've always been appreciative of folks checking in. All good at this moment. I did have a MASSIVE goiter removed February 1, so I am still recovering from that. Turns out, I won the genetic lotto after all, and that "football" neck I've always had that I thought was supporting my massive brain, was really just a thyroid gone wild. I now have this incredibly, skinny and sexy neck. If it weren't for the 6" scar, I'd model the stupid thing. I'm really ticked though, as I asked the doc to install a large bolt on either side of my neck, and he declined to do it. Turns out the insurance wouldn't cover it...

              The bad part is now my head is oversized and I look like a Scalextric 1969 Camaro, Mr. Blobbyhead. It figures....Oh, and singing in falsetto is totally wrecked. I have a one-octave voice until the vocal cords wake up.

              I'm having to up the salad intake as well due to that. Turns out not having a metabolism after having a ridiculously overzealous one for 15 years due to Graves disease means my body doesn't shed the weight like it used to. Holy crap does that SUCK. Just to be clear: the weight sucks, not salad eating.

              The new job is crazy busy, the house is coming along, the jungle is almost under control, and the fetching Mrs. R is still crazy for sticking with me.

              Other than all of that....


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                Glad to hear everything is going well and you’ve retained your sense of humour too
                Peterborough Ont


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                  Bout time you graced us with your presence!


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                    Dave , do you really think that the Scaletrix '69 Camaro has a big head ? The driver head looks like all the other type of driver heads in the other cars , glad you are back and your health is better


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                      Eldest daughter had thyroid cancer and the surgery left a HUGE scar. We told her when folks asked about it just to say "Afghanistan. I don't want to talk about it."
                      Perhaps you can do the same...

                      Glad to hear that you're doing well. Was the issue with resin a bad printer, or a bad reaction to the resin itself?
                      Stan S.
                      Newberg, OR
                      Autodromo Rossa Colline (Red Hills Raceway)
                      Member NASTE (Northwest Association of Slot Track Enthusiasts)


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                        Great to hear from you. I think I have at least 7 of your RMS Trans Am bodies that I bought years ago before they were available elsewhere. Thanks for making those. I also planned to buy a set of figures from you and never did (still haven't done a lick of scenery on my road course). If you ever have any 3DP stuff for sale I will make up for that.

                        I also want to thank you for feedback about track building after you were on the Worldwide zoom meeting. You are a treasured member of our community of creative oddballs.


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                          Glad to see you are doing better
                          Health means everything, wishing you good luck


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                            Good to see you back Dave.
                            Team SCANC
                            Woodland Trace Raceway - SlotZuka - Bent Tree Raceway
                            OFI - Buena Vista Motorsports Park - Slotkins Glen
                            Leadfinger Raceway


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                              Okay, I'll step in here... David, an avid, very accomplished, and very dedicated, detailed resin caster, suddenly developed a sudden onset, catastrophic allergy to the resins (the dust), he used. At the same time, he needed to make a decision to make a move across country. Don't even think about getting anything from him at any price. He's one of us, and he's doing better in his spot than most of us would.


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                                I am with you there Way , I have 5 different bodies that when they are done being built will only is track time with me at the controller . And I also have plastic cases to put them in .