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Nice to have someone new to race with.

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  • Nice to have someone new to race with.

    Last weekend I invited a neighbor and his 14 year old son over to race on our new Arc Pro track. It was great to have others over to initiate them to slot car racing. Neither of them had raced before and the father had never seen a 1/32 scale track before.
    I was impressed with how quickly they got the hang of driving the cars around, making lane changes with relatively minor crashing. I did have the throttles turned down to 75%.
    After years of racing against my three sons in analogue it was a thrill for me to have another adult to share the hobby with, and to have four cars on the track at one time, was a real hoot.
    They built a new home about a half mile down the road and have started to finish off parts of the basement. After about two hours of steady races I heard him say to his son, "We should think about having something like this at our house". Man did that make my ears perk up.
    I hope it turns into a regular event.
    BTW all my cars managed to survive the racing, despite a few cars going over the outer wall and to the floor. Gotta think about adding some catch fences.
    Scott C.
    Amherst, WI
    Just "a simple kind of man".

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    Thats what its all about!
    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA