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Finally, some enjoyable racing to watch

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  • Finally, some enjoyable racing to watch

    There's been a lot of racing on TV over the past week to 10 days. I was looking forward to it and tuned in for most of the races even if I didn't end up watching most of any specific event.

    Yes, I watched about a 3rd of the Daytona 500 despite the long weather delay. Nothing NASCAR can do about that, but I'm bored by the yearly crash fest. The Demolition Derby is the biggest attraction at our yearly local state fair but not what I want to see as one of the biggest racing events of the year.

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    But, this post isn't about beating up on NASCAR. I'd rather share the racing events I got the most pleasure from watching even though I stumbled upon them late at night on NBCSN.

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    The Prada Cup is a series of yacht races leading up to the America's Cup finals. I've never sailed, don't know anything about sailing, and don't even know how to swim. But racing is racing and despite the fact the Italian team (on the left) swept the English team in the first 4 races, it was fun to watch without a single pile up. The first team to win 7 races advances and the English team is in a boat load (pardon the pun) of trouble because they need to win 7 of the next 9 races to come back. Each race has 6 legs (sort of like laps) and the Italians have won every leg and never trailed. I watched every minute of these roughly 2 hour broadcasts, each featuring back-to-back races.

    Racing was set to resume Wednesday (New Zealand) but has been postponed due to a covid-19 lockdown that went into effect shortly after this past weekend's race.
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    I sailed when I was a teenager and had a Laser for a while. I used to love watching "Wet Wednesday" on Speedvision, especially the formula sailboats from Australia - crazy fast. These big high-tech boats are amazing what they can do with a little breeze.


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      They’re airing the “Red Bull” Air Races and other series. Great footage and coverage, too!


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        I try to catch those Red Bull Air Races on the DVR for my 95 year old Dad to watch. In my youth, the two of us had many fun rides with him piloting small single engine aircraft above our home and local area. Up until the last few years, he was still active as a docent at the Cradle of Aviation museum here on Long Island. He became one of the Charter Members of the museum after retiring from a 45 year career at Grumman Aerospace. Among many other parts of his resume there, he was hands on involved as a senior Inspection Engineer on all of the Lunar Excursion Modules produced by Grumman. The first prototype and the final LEM are proudly on display at the Cradle.
        And occasionally, I can get him to watch at least some of an IndyCar race or a hockey game with me!
        Let's hope the racing season is an enjoyable one for us all this year. -- Ernie :>)

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        Is He a "Quiet Birdmen"?

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      I have been a windsurfer/racer for a very long time and one of the few that have not switch permanently to kitesurfing, so water and wind flows in my veins. America’s Cup racing, especially with the latest GPS / TV coverage is absolutely fantastically awesome, and IMO a must watch! I have been tuning in for the great coverage and cannot wait for day 3. (There is a 72hr COVID lockdown currently across Auckland). You can watch the racing live at and you don’t need to be a sailor to enjoy, even if you only watch the start it will be worthwhile, not to mention boats sailing at almost 50mph in 10mph of wind!

      Thanks slothead for flagging here.


      PS: some additional trivia & motorsport connections: Roger Penske is part of the consortium that sent the US yacht (Patriot) from the New York Yacht Club to NZ to race in the Challengers series and Team Ineos UK is sponsored and works closely with the Mercedes F1 team.
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        Prada Cup racing will resume this weekend, February 20th at 4 pm New Zealand time. Not sure when that is for me here on the east cost of the US but I will find out and be watching.

        At some point I do need to figure out how a sail powered boat can reach speeds over twice that of the wind. These boats are absolutely amazing.


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          Just did a date and time conversion - Feb. 20, 2021 @ 4 pm NZT is Feb. 19, 2021 @ 10 pm EST.