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Racing Documentaries?

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  • Racing Documentaries?

    Hi guys,
    Not much on TV these days so have been watching some racing documentaries & old racing footage of Nascar from the 60s early 70s. Even the kids have been enjoying a few. With all the hype around the Ford Vs Ferrari movie, The 24 Hour War is a great doco. Also one of my favourites is Petty Blue. There is an old Doco called The Hard Chargers which was made in 1971 if I recall based around the Grand National series in 1970. Cant find it now, used to be on YouTube. Does anyone know where I might find this doco? Can anyone recommend and documentaries that is a must see? Any racing genre, Nascar, Canam, Transam, F1, Lemans etc!

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    Look for "The Speed Merchants". It's one of my faves.