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    Both my daughters got the vaccine this week. Both are involved in hospital settings treating Covid patients. They want to get their experiences spread, hoping that more people will want the vaccine and help get things under control in their hospitals. Both of them had no immediate reactions, but during the day of the vaccine, they noticed some soreness in the upper arm. By the second day that soreness wasn't noticeable , unless they poked and felt the shot area. That was gone by the end of the second day. They've had no other issues and want everybody to know how easy it was and hope more people will ready when it is their turn. I will update if they report any other reactions.

    Be safe.
    Matt B
    So. In

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    Maybe what I learned while in the USAF would help. I used to dread the old cholera shot that we had to take for it made my little arm hurt for about three days. Then one day I got one of those shots when I was planning on seeing my Aunt and Uncle for the weekend so right after getting the shot I rode my trusty little 350 Honda twin from Alexandria, La to Shreveport, La and low and behold there was no pain in my arm even though I was still buzzing from the trip. It seemed that the vibration was all that was needed to distribute the serum better in my arm. I those days I could turn sideways and disappear for I weighed in at a hefty 140 on a 6'-4" frame.


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      England AFB?

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    That is good news, a sore arm is very common when you get any sort of flue shot. Several of my friends have said that they would not get their shots before they were sure that there would be no serious side effects. By the time the average person would be able to get their shots millions of people would have already been vaccinated and the side effects would have been well documented. Before the Pfizer shots were approved the number people that said they would get the shots was rather low, but the latest figure is about 70%, which is close to the ideal number.
    if all goes well by late summer or early fall we can all get back to a normal life.


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      Ah good old England AFB! The only golf course that I know of that potentially featured gators on almost every hole!!


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        I was only there for roughly 18 months and was then transferred to Korat RTAFB where I was only stationed at for one month then down to the PI. So, I don't remember much about the base except that I lived in a trailer just outside the main gate about a half mile and that I used to go off roading with my little 350 Honda in the Bayous. The golf course was rith in the middle of the base, wasn't it?.

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      Matt B. Thank you so much for sharing this. This type of information is much needed at this time.



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        Let's hope it helps against the latest variant popping up in the UK and elsewhere...
        Kevan - Isle of Man
        Life is like a box of Slot cars...🚓🚗🚚🚜


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          Yes, cheers for doing this.

          When I was working in South America I had to have a ton of shots before I got there. It was like a WWII induction. Hurt like hell for days, until I got to a concrete slab that was in the way, and I used a jackhammer. That hurt something awful at first, but just as above, by the end of that 30 minutes or so on the jackhammer it was more like a light bruise.


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            Forgot to add, the VA Hospitals should have the moderma (sp) next week for those that qualify. The way it looks now, the front liners and the assisted living vets will be the first. Only issue I see at this time for this vaccine is the 4 week wait time between shots where the other is 3 weeks. The J&J version is supposed to be one shot and done once it passes testing.


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              That's good to hear. Thanks for sharing.
              Florida just announced that folks over 65 will start getting the vaccine on Monday. I don't know if all front line folks will have been taken care of by then or not.


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                Originally posted by Kevan
                Let's hope it helps against the latest variant popping up in the UK and elsewhere...
                Give this a listen.


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                  They have delivered a batch to the Veterans Hospital in Louisville and have started, may with the staff. The plus for Moderna is it doesn't need the super cold freezer so shelf life is much easier for out of the way places.

                  The doctor daughter was signed up for the J&J trials at her hospital., We convinced her that with asthma she should get a definite vaccine as soon as possible and not take a chance on getting a placebo in the J&J trails.

                  Glad to see we are turning this corner and people are not as skeptical as a month or two ago. Hope we can all go back among them by summertime, even with a mask, and not be scared of picking up the virus.
                  Matt B
                  So. In


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                    We're not getting any COVID vaccine, the death rate is only about 2% by their numbers!

                    Most folks dying have at least one pre-existing condition, sorry for those people, but the flu is about 2-3%. Heart disease and cancer both annually kill over double what is attributed to Covid. Suit yourselves, but taking any new vaccine that doesn't have at least 4-5 years testing is foolhardy, you don't have any idea what the long-term effects are. Yes, got my polio, typhoid (service related) and all that, but this is new and relatively untested.

                    Why would you inject anything made in less than a year with almost zero track record, into your body?

                    Many of my coworkers have had it and so far all have survived, my brother in law and sister both had it and survived, he was sick about one week and sister about two weeks.

                    A coworker's 80 something year old father went to Kaiser ER couple weeks ago because he thought he had pneumonia, they said was Covid, admitted him, mandatory minimum 5 days complete isolation in ER. Next day he was better, so they discharged him without any medication or follow up visit. Kaiser was paid $30,000 by our government for 'treating a Covid patient'.

                    Also anyone with asthma or severe allergies is recommended against getting the vaccine, UK has had several almost die after receiving it.

                    This is my opinion obviously, nothing personal intended towards anyone so please don't take it as an insult. I read a lot, talk with people, and know quite a few people who've had it and survived. Wishing everyone wellness and a Merry Christmas.
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                      Thankfully we have medical professionals who have 10+ years of education, and decades of experience to base their judgements on. Ask your doctor and if she/he says get the vaccine, get the vaccine. Vaccination virtually wiped out polio, small pox, etc. , thanks to widespread use.

                      Let's keep this positive.

                      Merry Christmas to all.
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                        There is no response for the above post. Opinions may vary, just be sure you know the real facts. The reason for the original post is the girls wanted to dispel the false narrative some people are spreading. They wanted to provide first hand info about getting the vaccine. They hope more people will want the vaccine, which will lead to lower numbers and death along with reducing the over crowding in the hospitals.

                        I am reminded of one of my friends that is a postal mechanic. He denies most science, but when he needs medical care he wants to know who is the best. He thinks a postal mechanic knows more than the scientists that spend a lifetime studying and learning, until he needs help, than he wants the best educated doctors.
                        Matt B
                        So. In


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                          I'm a straight forward person and sometimes not the most well worded, did not mean to offend anybody. Due to some health problems that we've had (and friends and family) over the years, we've found that it's best to do our own research (educate ourselves), read around several different sources, talk with those you know who may have had similar problems before any surgery, vaccination, etc. Wife and I know enough dead and disabled people, some due to medical mistakes and some due to life. We can swap car parts at will, but our bodies are the only ones we have and unfortunately we cannot undo the mistakes. Wishing the best for all to have long, happy, healthy and prosperous lives.

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                        Matt B, it takes a special person to be willing to step up and help others day in and day out under normal circumstances, to be willing to do it under the current conditions is just extraordinary and speaks volumes of both of your daughters character.

                        Thank you for sharing their first hand experience.