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    Looks like Mother Nature is gearing up to dump a lot of snow here in SE PA. We're in the 12"-18" zone, lol. Ran the snowblower on Sat ( 55°) to make sure it's ready, I tuned it up in Oct. Got milk, bread and eggs,lol. The coal stove is roaring. Let it SNOW!!!!


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    12' -18", hell that's nothing. When I was a kid I walked 3 miles in over 2 feet of snow to school uphill and into the wind both directions with my feet wrapped in rags because I didn't have any shoes. When I was a kid there was no such thing as a snow blower, we hand shoveled the snow using our bare hands, didn't even have gloves. People today are spoiled sissies that don't even know what hardship is. I think I turned into my old man.
    Butch Dunaway
    Oxford, Ohio


    • War Eagle River
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      Butch, I used to tell the same stories to my kids all the time! Then when they had to actually do it, they stopped rolling their eyes and saying “yeah right Dad!”

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    And we LIKED it that way! -Dana Carvey

    Monty Python's Four Yorkshiremen skit was an ultimate for this kind of hilarity.
    Four Yorkshiremen discuss "the bad old days" and how young people don't properly appreciate what their elders had to go through. Hilarious.
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      A very British version of the same tale. Though many of you might not be able to get past the accent .


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        And we liked it,we loved it!!!!
        Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...


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          Bring it on...

          Click image for larger version  Name:	8A2ADF1D-403A-4561-9BD8-D61D1AE02391.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	81.8 KB ID:	69189

          "My Resume lists all the things I never want to do again."


          • chappyman66
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            Hopefully that's new......a blower should never show such little use.
            Says me who hasn't seen hardly any snow yet this year.....

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          Cleaned the carburetor on the snowblower last night yet again because I never remember to drain the gas in the spring...

          This time it was stuck pretty good but thankfully my neighbor bailed me out yet again, he’s the one that taught me how to do it to begin with. He said “I guess I’ll have to remind you in the Spring to drain the gas!” 🤣

          I like hanging out in his garage, he’s got hot rods, bikes and all sorts of awesome stuff to look at.

          This is one of the cars he’s built
          Click image for larger version

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            Was that once a 57-59 Chrysler 300?


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              Be sure the rails on your slot car track are nice and shiny, and the cars are ready to go! Enjoy! -- Ernie


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                I’ll trade my ice storm for your snow storm. Just hope the power lines hold up. Nothing like a big Nor’ easter to close out the year, especially this one.
                Mike V.
                Western North Carolina


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                  Originally posted by waaytoomuchintothis View Post
                  Was that once a 57-59 Chrysler 300?
                  Close, it’s a DeSoto. He has had that car for over 30 years, at one point it was his daily driver and he used to tow an rv trailer with it up to Lake George which is about 200 miles away. I forget how many miles he has on it but I remember thinking it was a lot of miles when he told me. The whole car, including paint, was done in his garage. He made the whole front suspension because lowering kits for the car don’t exist.

                  He also has a big fender hot rod, 1930’s, that was originally a hearse and was literally a rusty shell in a field when he bought it. He also had a Ford coupe, late 20’s or early 30’s, that he unfortunately sold that was ridiculously cool. The rear tires on the thing had to have been 20” wide and the blower was almost as tall as the roof. I’ll ask him for some pictures next time I’m over there bothering him.

                  He’s into building cool stuff and is just an all around great person, I honestly couldn’t have hoped for a better neighbor. Don’t know if he feels the same!