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In the event of my demise

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  • In the event of my demise

    This is what I'm posting in my mancave with my tracks and cars:

    December 1, 2020

    In the event of my demise (or abduction by aliens), ALL of my slot cars stuff is to be DONATED to Home Racing World, the online community of fellow slot car nerds I have enjoyed being a part of. [ where I'm known as slothead]

    Harry Wise
    PO Box 968
    Dixon, MO 65459

    Do not sell my slot car stuff (cars, controllers, power supplies) at a garage sale or estate sale. They are all paid for and there should be plenty of money available for packing and postage. I want the stuff to be enjoyed by people who will appreciate it as I have at no cost to them. Respect my wishes.
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