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Postimages third party hosting site - problems retrieving images?

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  • Postimages third party hosting site - problems retrieving images?

    Anyone else having trouble retrieving their images on

    Can't seem to connect to the site.


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    Must be some kind of maintenance thing. Never had any troubles with them for many years. I couldn't get through just now, either.


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      Me either...


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        Photo hosting sites can come and go. I was using a free site that started to charge a fee, which I paid, but the site folded a few months later. Sites do go down for server maintenance. from time to time.
        Make sure that any pictures that you have on hosting sites are backed up someplace. You can use the cloud for that, but I prefer to use an external drive.


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          You can just upload them here?

          Just me thinkin' out loud...


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            Go to all that trouble to load your pix on photo site, great access to everybody. Next year it shuts down or charges fees and you move to another site. Great, I have done that 5 times and won't do it again. If I ever do it again, it will be to my own website. I doubt I will ever do any of it again.

            When AOL had free websites, I set up a nice site there with collectable pictures, my resin casting article, silicone tire casting info from Jack and George, wiring diagrams and other tips. It was a lot of work for somebody like me that didn't grow up with computers, but I got it done and anybody could access my slot info. AOL shut that down and the whole site was lost to cyberspace. A guy in England did copy the casting article, as crude as it was, and it is still up on a few websites around the world. It's just a lot of work to set up a site or upload photos and then have it all go up in smoke!
            Matt B
            So. In


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              It's just a lot of work to set up a site or upload photos and then have it all go up in smoke!
              I understand. The HRW SHADOW GALLERY has been, and will be made available to any slotter who needs it. 6 years running. NO fees.

              Or if its a quick pic for a reply or anything else, upload here to our server.


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                Originally posted by HomeRacingWorld View Post
                You can just upload them here?

                There are likely two advantage to using a hosting site: you can i) use the images on multiple sites and ii) you can provide friends links to see your photographs online. Over time I have come to the conclusion that those advantages are far outweighed by the convenience of uploading to the site to which you are posting. Dedicated hosting sites come and go and when they go... poof, gone are your images on sites where you link them. If you upload to the site where you want to display the images the images will last as long as that site. Which kind of makes sense, doesn't it? 🤔