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2019 Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta

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  • 2019 Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta

    Greetings fellow slotnuts,

    This post may go against the rules, since racing is my religion. Here's a link to photos I shot at the Petit Le Mans last month. I made a road trip out of it, driving from Toronto via Philly (that's a whole 'nother story) to Atlanta. I'm always impressed by the facility at Road Atlanta and just how hilly that track is. Anyhow, have a look...

    2019 Road Atlanta Photos

    ...and let me know what you think. It was pretty cool seeing the GTLM Porsches done up in the Coke livery fighting it out. If you like what you see, I can go back through my archives and post other race related galleries.



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    Hey Van,
    Those are beautiful photographs, good work!
    They really capture the atmosphere of an IMSA race. Those events are really something anybody that is interested in motorsports should experience at least once in person, sort of like the Grand Canyon. I was at the Acura Sports Car Challenge at Mid-Ohio in May, a couple of hours away so no big road trip, the photos bring back a lot of warm memories while I'm getting pounded with a lake effect snowstorm.
    I'm waiting for the new Carrera McLaren 720S GT3 to hit the shelves, be out in December from what I hear. I was surprised to see it at the Mid-Ohio race, I guess it was the debut for 2019? It didn't last long but was cool to see anyway, all the cars look cool in fact, those shrieking Porsches make the wildest sound, something you have to hear in person, my ears still a good way.
    I really need to take my camera to the race this spring.



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      I can't post. I have drool all over me.


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        Wow....great photos.
        I WANT that Ford GT in the Wynns livery.... Take my money NOW!
        Come Race at The Trace!
        Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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          Thanks Van, some kOoL pics and great liveries...


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            Amazing pictures! I went to Mid Ohio, Detroit, and Road Atlanta this year just to hear the Ford GTs, Porsches and Corvettes one last time. Thanks for posting, it was nice to see the track and cars again!
            Jamie B
            Cincinnati, Ohio


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              Hey guys,

              Thanks for the kind words. Motorsports is one of my passions - along with photography so the two go hand in hand for me. The exhaust note of the Porsches is my fave, but they all sound so good. I'm going to miss the Corvette's V8 rumble next year, that's for sure. The IMSA cars are definitely louder than Indycars, and WAY louder than F1s if you can believe it. So much variety with the three classes. I think it's a golden age right now with all the different manufacturers competing.

              Chappyman, I'm with you on that Wynn's GT. The Wynn's Merc is pretty sweet too. JamieB, you get around, dude. Wow!

              I'll post some other galleries later on for your perusal.

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                Road Atlanta is great. I used to spend a week there every October in the 80's for the SCCA Runoffs. Great venue for amateur racers to compete for a national championship.