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    Hello All,

    I feel like I have just come back in from the cold, it has been a long time. I am sorry to have gone quiet on the site.
    I do hope that all is as well as possible for members during these difficult times.

    Partly due to the effect of the Covid situation, I have had a summer of all sorts of changes as far as work is concerned. Early in the summer as everything locked down I had every opportunity to build cars, but I drifted off into all sorts of other areas. I rediscovered many old interests and feel quite guilty for having such an interesting initial lockdown period with so many suffering around the world.

    But, then reality moves in and it was time to settle down to readdress the uncertain work situation as the company that I was tied to as a subcontractor, pretty much closed it's doors for the full summer. So I re grouped with my son Jacob and restarted our own business (previously we had been which I had sold to the holding group that I had been contracting to (if that makes sense?).

    If anyone would like to see my new work, including some projects that followed me (which was a little awkward), please have a look at it is a new blog and so I have not entered a great amount so far but I will regularly update it. Please subscribe if you would like to see any updates as they are posted. We have quite a few interesting projects including a supercharged Wolseley which has followed me over and Turner racing car will be featuring soon. I am hoping to post some of my slot car projects too. The blog is very informal and magazine like and so covers many subjects.
    I will be posting the measurements of the Wolseley Hornet S/Charged Spl here before too long in case anyone might like to scratchbuild a slotcar version.

    I would like to send Harry and family and everyone my best wishes and stay safe. the UK

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    Eric, welcome back.

    I loved the footage of the DHC-2 Beaver flying low over the terrain. I would loved to have been on that flight. I've flown in several float planes and a couple of amphibians, it's a lot of fun.
    Butch Dunaway
    Oxford, Ohio


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      Hey Eric missed you at the showdown
      Peterborough Ont


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        Yeah man, that’s how it feels,
        Eric, good to see you on here with us!



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          Yes hope you will be in the Winterfest!

          And please drive over and decorate my property


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            Eric, I bet Harry is thinking what I'm thinking (not because great minds run in the same gutter), but that's another story... After following all your links I wish I could introduce you to one of our lost friends from HRW. I miss him a lot and I'm sure Harry does, too. Bob would have been an amazing person for you to meet and swap ideas with. My mind reels at what you guys would get up to.