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  • Track cleaner

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ID:	47496 Anyone know what this stuff is made of. It seems to have no odour and looks dark rum
    I have no idea how old it is or if it’s even any good a buddy cleaning out a house came across it and gave to me
    Dont worry I won’t drink it there’s no sailor or captain on it anywhere
    Peterborough Ont

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    Never saw it before. Is there more on the label?
    I would guess by the color that it's gone bad or is contaminated.
    Or its possible the contents are someone's chew bottle...!


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      No doubt it is a an old model railroad product. Maybe something like Tarn X that chemically cleans metal.
      Matt B
      So. In


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        It is hard to see, but the label says Life-Like, so it is intended to clean model train track rails. Products like that can be similar to automatic transmission fluid and may attack plastic. If you have a plastic track you should do a test with some scrap ABS plastic before you use it. The product might also dissolve the adhesive used to stick down copper tape or even braid. I recall that at commercial raceways people used too much "braid juice" on their cars, which caused the braid in front of the driver's stations to come unstuck.


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          Exactly as Rich said. Just an old bottle of typical model RR track cleaner. Should not hurt your plastic slot car track, but ALWAYS TEST FIRST. If it checks out, apply a bit to some old T shirt cloth and wipe the track in the direction of travel. Remember, having the rails clean and shiny before wiping works even better.
          Hope it works out for you. -- Ernie


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            Yes, I had a bottle of this when I was a model railroader, (boringly slow hobby by the way). Does the cap have an applicator attached to the underside? If so it's the same stuff. I probably wouldn't use it though. It's looks very muddy brown compared to the clear reddish color I remember it as.
            Scott C.
            Amherst, WI
            Just "a simple kind of man".


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              My more modern bottle of LL track cleaner has blue colored fluid in it. Wind shield washer type of blue.

              Like this:

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              Why doesn't my car run like that?