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  • Home again!

    We have been in our home for 33 years. Wife says since we cant move because your world is your slot cars, tracks records and stuff in the garage so we are doing a total renovation.

    Yes dear.

    Anyway everything got moved out to the garage, I did manage a goat track in between furniture, rickety towers of plastic bins and cardboard boxes to my workbench and could grab the odd bits and pieces. We were lucky as a friend went on holidays back to the UK so we house sat, the only downer was she lived way over the other side of town so I actually had to deal with peak hour traffic to and from work rather than my 8 minute run.

    A couple of days ago we moved back in after being out for 3 months. It's still a little house (sitting on a huge block of land, total reverse of how they build 'em now) but the total interior gut job made it so much brighter.

    Like they say, no place like home, great to sleep in our bed again.

    Chris (in sunny Canberra)

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    Chris, did you have to take down your track?
    Matt B
    So. In