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TGIF - Ready for the weekend

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  • TGIF - Ready for the weekend's been one heck of a busy week.

    Steve at SCC has been working his tail off on this forum, while I played at my 1:1 job. This "work" thing is really starting to get in my slot car way

    So another big thank you to Steve for his dedication and passion to getting this forum fine tuned!

    SHOWDOWN build time. Working on both the Monte and now the Thunderbird. Hopefully I can get a new chassis pinned out this weekend.

    Tomorrow will be interesting. We have volunteered to grill for the local RC Crawler gang at the new hobby shop. They are having some contests and a swap meet. Will be fun to meet the folks and maybe get a few interested in racing some slot cars

    Hope you all have a good weekend and you find some time with your toys