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    Does anyone else have one of these? When cleaning up after a race session I come across miscellaneous bits and pieces that I have no idea what car they came from, especially when the granddaughters are involved. They switch cars so often that I can’t keep track which ones have been out on the track.😄. So I just toss them into the bottle and keep my eye out later for ones missing something.
    Mike V.
    Western North Carolina

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    Oh ya baby enough parts to stock a shop of my own
    Peterborough Ont


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      It's more like.....
      how many do you have?
      Come Race at The Trace!
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        I have plenty of bits and pieces, just don't have a storage plan for organizing them. In that respect I'm a chip of the 'ol block 'cause my dad had a huge garage for his trucks which contained at least 2 of every part he might need, but he often couldn't find what was needed and he'd have to buy another one to make a repair. I recently placed a $60 order with SCC for PG tires and when they came and I was looking for a place to put them found 5 pairs of the tires I thought I was out of.


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          How many do you need? Can wrap them all up on a pallet and ship to the destination of your choice!
          Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA



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            Own a commercial raceway for a few years... you wouldn't believe what I collected out of the gutters and the infield every morning! I pick hardware bits and pieces out of that box to this day! -- Ernie
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              At one point I separated them all into scales. Then that got too big and I made tubs of three of the scales, then started making separate "type" divisions by combining them by scale with leftover model body parts and RTR revision leftovers. The HO tub went with the last of my HO stuff I sold. I gave away the few 1/43rd, and the 1/32nd and 1/24th are still with me, in 30 (yes, 30) gallon tubs, filled with boxes and bags of the stuff- wheels, mirrors, interiors, wings, windows, mystery hardware that fell off, replaced plastic chassis, fire extinguishers, replaced tires, roll bars, inserts, it goes on and on. I feel silly about it until I need a part. Then I feel brilliant. I really am way too much into this.