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  • Portal button and stuff

    This is my first post on the new forum.

    Is there going to be a 'portal' button I can click on to see all posts in receding data and time order? I'm more interested in what's been posted than in the category it was posted in. If it looks interesting or was posted by someone who has similar interests to mine I read it.

    Also, what's up with this 'LIKE' button thingie? I'm not falling into the social media trap of stroking everyone's ego by tapping away on the 'like' button all the darn time. A relative of mine couldn't wait to tell everyone at a family gathering how the video she posted of her dog passing gas had already gotten 27 likes.

    Don't any of you ol' gasbags expect me to be liking your posts. Write what's on your mind and let's leave it at that! If anyone's mental state depends on meaningless approval from others go suck on a Valium. Next thing you know people will ending their posts with XOXO, at which point I'm going off the grid.

    Good day!

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    On the right of the page is latest topics section. There is no Portal. Those are most recent. Or click the latest activity tab.

    The "like" button here is just internal and not linked to FB.

    You COULD just ignore the button...maybe?



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      Looking for a good Valium source - recommendations??


      p.s. I "Like"'d your post...

      Steve - Connecticut, USA - Team HRW


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        Wow, I already got 2 likes. Has my 15 minutes of fame already begun?

        Can't wait till I'm able to post a video of our cat snoring.


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          Also, click the New Topics tab. It will give you the latest. Basically it’s set to display like the old portal. But you can adjust the filters.


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            So, you are anti-gas-passing-dogs, eh? Well, there's a hate group to gripe about that out there somewhere. We always blamed the dog when we farted, but that's just my family...


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              We always blamed the dog when we farted, but that's just my family...
              ummmm,not just your family.....