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Kids will love this

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  • Kids will love this

    While not nearly as mature as the type of toy car racing we engage in here on HRW, this showed up as a recommended video after watching slot car clip on Youtube.

    Pleasant diversion and something my motorhead grandson would have loved and then begged me to build a track like this.

    Fun is fun.

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    That was cool. I had no idea folks were building such detailed "hot wheels" tracks. As a kid, we used to layout two long straight tracks (the orange stuff) down our sloped backyard, and do "drag races" to see who had the fastest car. We spent hours doing that. This takes it to a whole other level!


    • slothead
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      The detail of the track and scenery caught my eye, then I got into how well the video(s) were made. So many hours of fun could be had with a setup like this.

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    This was interesting. Good old use of imagination.