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It's not as quiet as it used to be

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  • It's not as quiet as it used to be

    Silver linings and other motivational phrases.
    There seems to be more traffic here now, that great news. More sharing of projects, purchases and ideas. Additionally, on the Facebook page, I've noticed an increase post from new members. Most state something along the lines of "getting back into slots", "40 years ago", "where can I purchase", "what do I need" etc, you get the idea.
    Now is a great time to share on your FB or Instagram pages about slot cars..... you do have those, right? Too many parents don't know how multi level slots can be, much more than an image on a screen that lets you reset continuously.

    Get out, promote and evangelize. #slotcarevangelist

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    Eric - I don't engage in any of those other online activities, HRW is my one and only online connection. But, I do stay very active here to share what's on my slothead brain and do keep up with what other's are doing.

    My point of encouragement is to have more guests join and become part of the conversation. See something you like? Say so. Everyone appreciates a well earned compliment. Have a question or want to add your thoughts to a discussion - go for it. We're an engaging and respectful community. Already a member? Great. Now start a new thread about something of interest or share thoughts on an existing topic. Take some photos and post them of your cars, track, scenery, drawings, whatever. HRW welcomes all scales, types of cars, and types of tracks - from rug racers to massive routed tracks with life-like scenery.

    Heck, you don't even have to have a track or cars to share youthful recollections or future plans. Tell us about the track you're gonna build as soon as you win the lottery.